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Essay: Provide a 1-3 page response (written) to the following question. Please note: you may bring an OUTLINE to class to assist you in writing this essay. But you MAY NOT bring a word-for-word essay response with you. It must be an outline only.

One thread running through our conversations during the first half of this course is development of American political thought. Construct a 2-3 page essay that traces the core principles of American political thought – freedom, equality, opportunity, etc.  The best responses will being their essays in the pre-Revolutionary period (the establishment of Jamestown, the development of the New England colonies, etc.) and end with the presidency of Thomas Jefferson.  See below for a list of issues/events/individuals that MAY be helpful in writing this essay.

*  Early colonial period (Jamestown, Maryland, Massachusetts Bay Colony, etc.)

*  The Enlightenment period

*  Deism/Pietism/the Great Awakening

*  The French-Indian War

*  The Revolutionary period

*  Articles of Confederation vs. the Constitution

*  Federalist party vs. Democratic-Republicans

*  Jeffersonian democracy

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