HLT1RAE 2022 – Assessment 3 Information

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Faculty of Business and Law Assignment

Critical appraisal

Relevant SILOs:

SILO 1: Explain the relative merits and uses of the different types of evidence used in practice
SILO 3: Critically appraise some components of the validity of health research evidence
SILO 4: Communicate research outcomes appropriate to peers

Submission Via the Turn-it-in link in the assessment tile of the HLTRAE LMS site. The document you submit should be a complete submission. The submission and marking process is fully electronic

Why are you doing this assessment?

Understanding and appraising the validity of research is vital for your career as a student and professional. This assessment task requires to you to summarise key information, and to appraise the internal and external validity of the research study.

What you need to do:

You are to paraphrase key information from the research article as described in the marking rubric. Then appraise and describe the effect of issues related to internal and external validity of the study. Refer to the marking rubric to guide your discussion

Late submission

For late submission (without approved extension) a penalty of 5 marks per day will be applied. Marks will be deducted from the total mark.

Assignments will not be accepted 5 business days after the submission time

Word count

The total word count for this assignment is 1500 words. This does not include the reference list.

Penalties for breaches of word limit will apply above 1650 words (+10%). A penalty of 5 marks will be applied for every 50 words or part there of above the word count. Marks will be deducted from the total mark.

There is no penalty for being below the word count, however it is expected that students will
need to use around 1500 to adequately fulfil the requirements of the assessment.


Throughout this subject (and your Core First year subjects more generally), you must use the APA 7th referencing system. The library reference tool may assist you, and can be located here: http://www.lib.latrobe.edu.au/referencing-tool/. Given the nature of this assessment it is not anticipated that you will use no more than 2-3 additional references beyond your chosen article.
You are being marked on your ability to summarise information from your chosen article.

You do not need to repeatedly reference your chosen article as your marker will be aware that the information has come from this source. Take careful note of the information below related to academic integrity, however, as this also applies to plagiarism.


This assessment should be a piece of individual and original work. Naturally, you will discuss this task with other students and your Workshop Facilitator whilst you are in the process of developing an understanding of how you will undertake the activity, but each student is expected to submit an individual essay. Refer to the University webpage on academic integrity:

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