HNB3005 Consolidation of Nursing Practice

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PORTFOLIO PARTAAND PART B ASSESSMENT 3  ASSESSMENT OVERVIEW Overview Length or Duration Worth Due Portfolio related to PEP Part A Reflection 1000 words (30% Weighting), Part B 2000 words equivalent Portfolio (20% Weighting) Part A will include 1000 words reflection of an ethical dilemma or ethical case clinical experience from clinical placement Part B The student will also present a portfolio of the learning they have undertaken to prepare for their registration and practice Part A Reflection 1,000 words (+/- 10%) Part B 2,000 words, equivalent. (students are not expected to write 2000 words. Please see further information below) Part A: 30% Part B: 20% PURPOSE The purpose of this assessment task is to: Assist students in consolidating knowledge gained on the various focus topics relating to provision of evidence based care for patients. Consolidate and apply knowledge obtained through participation in workshops, clinical labs, simulations and your self-directed learning through your pre & post activities in problem solving and decision making in authentic clinical scenarios. Develop further your reflective practice skills using the Borton Reflective Practice Tool and reinforce theoretical and clinical practice skills underpinning of caring for patients during professional experience placement (PEP). The unit learning outcome(s) assessed are: LO2. Exemplify cultural responsiveness, sensitivity and inclusive practice and promote the rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and other cultures and people of diversity; LO3. Exemplify a broad range of therapeutic and intraprofessional and interprofessional communication skills to engage in person-centred collaborative practice; LO4. Elucidate intellectual independence through the application of critical thought and judgement in professional and therapeutic nursing practice; LO5. Appraise ethical dilemmas and issues arising in professional practice, exemplifying professional values and ethics; LO6. Articulate and exemplify nursing values, codes of ethics and conduct, and the distinctive role and contribution of nursing research in addressing real world
problems encountered in professional practice; and LO7. Integrate previous knowledge and exhibit safe and effective care related to pathophysiology and pharmacotherapeutics and quality use of medicines.  ASSESSMENT STRUCTURE Part A (Reflection) The reflection task is related to an ethical dilemma or an ethical case from their clinical experience. Read this article for clarification on ethical dilemmas in nursing here ( The students are to draw on their experiences to reflect on the chosen ethical clinical experience. They will use the Borton Reflective Tool to guide them Part B This task is related to the student’s knowledge and evidence of learning. Students will be required to provide evidence of learning from this calendar year with certificates and/or testimonials. INSTRUCTIONS To get started on your assessment task, please follow the instructions below; Part A (Reflection) To get started on your  assessment task, please follow the below instructions Part B To get started on your assessment task, please follow the below instructions 1 Read through the rubric for this assessment task 2 Refer to the ‘assessment information’ tab in regard to word count instructions and assessment extension requests 3 Identify an ethical dilemma or ethical case from clinical experience 4 A minimum of five contemporary references should be used for this assessment, within five years of publication, following APA 7th edition criteria Complete the assessment task using Borton Reflective tool as found here (../../Borton%20Reflective%20Template.docx? _&d2lSessionVal=uQOZAHkNYUJ44qVIEGLQ39Vog&ou=1532537) 5  Submit your work before the due date by following the submission instructions below, include a title page (unit name & number, assessment title, student name & identification number, accurate word count) 6 1 Read the rubric for this assessment task 2 This assessment complements Assessment 1 3 The Patient Safety Modules (4 in total) must be undertaken to successfully complete this assessment and the certificate uploaded – ( 4 Upload the required documents/certificates and evidence required to demonstrate your knowledge from this calendar year. This is to include ALL learning mentioned in Assessment 1. You may also choose to include other education you undertook within this year to demonstrate exceptional Continuing Professional Development (CPD). No writing is required for this task, just evidence of RELEVANT learning of the Student/Registered Nurse 5 This task prepares you for potential AHPRA auditing of CPD. This task shows commitment to your learning (RN Standard 3: Maintains the capability for practice) 6 All evidence must display your full name and date undertaken from the appropriate organisation that the training was undertaken. If a testimonial is provided this will also need to include the educators name and designation, the learning undertaken inclusive of the length of time the learning was for eg. Joe Brown
undertook a 30 minute inservice on continuous bladder washouts on the 5th of May, 2022. Regards, Kelli Wain (CNE: Victoria University Hospital, Ph: 9919 2497) 7 Certificates must be appropriately titled (for example; hand hygiene certificate to be titled as hand hygiene) and can be combined into one document or uploaded into the dropbox individually 8 Submit your work before the due date ASSESSMENT CRITERIA The following levels of criteria will be used to grade this assessment task: Part A (Reflection) Criterion 1: Reflection (35%) Criterion 2: Connection of learning to the unit and outside experiences (35%) Criterion 3: Connection to theory (20%)
Criterion 4: Writing (5%) Criterion 5: Sources and referencing – Use of APA 7th ed. (5%) Access the Assessment 3 Part A Rubric (/d2l/common/dialogs/quickLink/quickLink.d2l?ou=1532537&type=rubric&rCode=VU- 8283735) for the full marking criteria. Part B Criterion 1: Connection of learning to the unit and outside experiences. Evidence of certificates and learning is provided that demonstrates learning to the unit and outside experiences (100%) Access the Assessment 3 Part B Rubric (/d2l/common/dialogs/quickLink/quickLink.d2l?ou=1532537&type=rubric&rCode=VU- 8283736)for the full marking criteria.




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