Hospitality Sector

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HI5013 Managing Across Borders Sample Assignment 3

Issues in the hospitality sector

  • Extended cash flow
  • Excess operational cash flow
  • Travel and mobility restrictions thus temporary shutdown of the hospitality industry
  • Decreased demand in business
  • Limited services by the restaurants with take home facilities only
  • The decreased occupancy rate in hotels
  • Travel bans and cancellations affect the mobility of workers as well; they were unable to carry out their tasks due to restricted movement (Kaladhar and Ravindranadh, 2019)
  • The marketing and advertising has shifted towards the digital marketing
  • Social media marketing gained popularity
  • Reservations and payments vastly shifted to online platforms and applications
  • Due to mobility restrictions, the airline industry faced a huge loss
  • Foodservice teams and chefs started to arrange free meals for the medical staff across the globe
  • Change in the supply chain due to lesser demand of the services
  • Advertisements of strict sanitation and hygiene were incorporated in order to build trust among the potential customer during post COVID situation.


Strategies to overcome issues

  • Focusing on the brand positioning in order to gain the trust of the consumers
  • As consumers will be particularly aware of the brand content during this period the marketers should consider mindful and current implications
  • Marketers can incorporate the strategies to reveal their chef’s secret recipes in order to connect with the consumer at a personal level
  • The digital marketing approach can protect the brand image and connect with the potential future guests
  • Enhancing the website contents of the organization by improving search engine optimization (SEO) (Redjeki, Narimawati, and Priadana, 2021)
  • Localizing marketing efforts in domestic and as well as national or international demographics
  • Communicate flexibly with the guests in order to provide personalized and customized services and products
  • Incorporating the safety measures within the facilities and marketing them in the right way
  • Social media marketing will be the key aspect in order to gain attention and connect with the customers on a more personal level 

HI6025 Accounting Theory and Current Issues Trimester 2 2018

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