How Inspirational Messages for Students Change Their Lives

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Discussion Post Assignment

Student learning and motivation is a continuous process. Universities must focus on both the elements simultaneously to bring a concrete result every year. When we talk about results, it is not only the academic performance but also the overall outcome as a praiseworthy candidate. The students choice of a course is left to their interest, but lack of motivation can cause disruptive environment in their career growth. An equal dose of inspiration is always a need for developing students lives. 

 Student Career Goals 

A student joins the University to improve as a top-class candidate in his/her field. He would have his career goals in place before joining the University. One of his achievements in the ladder of success is joining in a reputable University. This is also his career goal. This opportunity that he has latched must be made memorable for his lifetime. It is not only the Institutional experience but also the experience that he carries forward throughout his life. Stepping into the University is his first step towards his excellent life. 

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Channeling Career Goals

The student who joins any University is raw in his outlook. He has got his dreams and he feels the dream can come true once he completes his University degree. The institution and the staff have a great job cut out in directing them the right way. Most of the students who join higher education are unaware of the Practical challenges that they may face during their course. It is indeed a whole new life at the College than the dream that they had. Many students have dropped out of college within months. There might be many reasons, but the prominent one is, none helped him channel his career goals. He was not able to match his dream with reality. As such it is not a cakewalk to graduate and you be successful. There is a lot more to it in the making of a successful career. As joining University being the first step to excellent life, the dream he has must be channelled the right way. He is a wet cement now, the staff and parents can choose the write anything that can stay forever. You write it for their betterment, they survive. You write the bad, you know the consequences. 

Clarity Leads to Power

Most of the students fail to perform well is because of no or very less motivation. The most important factor in this area is the clarity of the choice made. Many students join a course at a University by looking at the reputation of the institution. There are many good Universities in the World but to become a world-class student, the clarity needs to be given on the course and the outcomes. This is the first step to keep a student motivated. It is in the hands of the University to make the students aware of their road map of success. The clear information about what is in store for them in the coming years in the college. All the information about self-enhancement and career development must be kept plain and clear. This is the area where we must show utmost caution in giving them information. The students must know ‘how to get to excellence’. Of course, the Universities not only offer academic classes, but they also have extracurricular activities which may make the students stay happy and motivated. The clarity in the field of interest and matched industry requirement must be established first up. This must be regularly carried out at all possible intervals to keep the students aware of all their career development information. 

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The building blocks of success stand tall once the fundamentals are strong. Once the student is clear about what is he up to in the coming years, the job of the University teaching staff to take it forward from there. In fact, lecturers and Professors play a major role in the process of motivation. But will it change the students’ lives? Can constant motivation help students develop their career?

The first thing that we forget once a student joins a University that he has a life too. Most of the institutions have started seeing students as learning machines and the only thing that they have to do is perform well in academics. This paradigm picture must be changed. Or putting it in another way, will learning subjects alone can make them get successful in their career? Another aspect to be pondered, Will the students be able to study without motivation?

There must be a strong purpose behind anything that we do. We cannot expect a student to perform well just because he has paid his tuition fees. Nor that works as his motivation factor too. It is in the hands of the teachers too. A strong desire to succeed is the triggering factor here. The academic classes and the career-oriented programs must be revolving around the very desire that the student has. It can be made generic too. But the high profile desire of the student must be constantly kindled to perform well. In fact, this does not create a stressful situation for the student too. He has the clarity of what to do. And he will certainly figure out how to do.

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The above said must be coupled along with staff approachability. This adds to the inspiration factor for the students as well. Not all the time, the students can do it by themselves. Not all the time they can do an excellent job too. The teachers must step up in this accord to support the students. They must be approachable enough for the students to clarify their progress. They must also seek help to clear any doubts about the subject. Further, the teachers must create the environment of ‘reach me for support’. Appreciate the students when they needed your support. Empathize with them if they have difficulty in doing something. Motivate them with their career goal. 

The motivation shall help students develop their lives if done the right way. First up, the students are not clear about what they need to do. Secondly, they don’t create a strong purpose for pursuing the course. Lastly, there is a lack of support from the Universities end. Once these three gates are opened, the students are opened to learn with enthusiasm. It shall start changing their lives for good. 

Ok, now that we saw how it can change lives as a plan. How to execute this plan effectively? Is the million-dollar question. Saying things are easy, but implementing it becomes a challenge at times. It needs dedication and diligence from the Universities’ side. More importantly, the teaching faculty play a crucial role in this juncture. They are the first point of contact with the students. 

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Involvement is the Key

The students feel encouraged and connected with the teacher by making them involved in classroom activities. It is Psychology, if you offer responsibility to a student, he feels privileged. First of all, it must not be an order. It must be a request. Set some responsibilities for the class and appoint or make the students appoint a Single Point of Contact for every task. Keep changing the SPOC at random intervals. Ensure you give chance to everyone. This not only gets the student close to you, but you are also invariably developing their skills in coordinating with the group and organizing certain tasks so on and so forth. 

Connect Academics with Real Life

This is something most of the teaching staff do not attempt. It is the job of the lecturer to teach the syllabus. But how long are we going to do the same mundane teaching and writing business? Allow the students to explore real-life applications of whatever they have learned. Make the students do massive research on every element of the subject. It not only improves their academic knowledge but also makes them learn real-life scenarios. All the more, the students must be motivated towards knowing the unknown and not the book to paper method.

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Student Appreciation

This is the much-needed action most regularly and also generously. Every task has a result. Every result needs to be appreciated. Please do this generously. This not only allows them to do the next talk with great enthusiasm, but it also sets the tone for great accomplishments in their lives. At the same time, pat the students who have not excellently done the job. Encourage them to do the best. Make them understand excellence is one way and accomplishing the tasks is also another way of success. 

Implementing the above-mentioned tactics can make the students get motivated and stay focused. But it requires refurbishing every time. You cannot keep doing the same with the same monotonous way. There must be some variations and students must wait for it. Give them surprise tasks and allocate a day for it. Allow them to wait for the day curiously to announce the task. The feedback on your motivation lies in the curiosity of the students. Not many times talking and advising help, there must be active and it gives them freedom. Once freedom is offered, the students are unstoppable.

Help Set their Goals in Life

There is a few moral and emotional support required for the students. This not only helps the students stay focused but also stay motivated throughout. Psychology says the best thing that connects humans is career guidance. Sit with your students in setting their goals upon their choices. Make them develop short term and long term goals. Divide the most important life goals and career goals for them. Teach them how to go by achieving them. Keep checking with them and they shall feel privileged as you remember their goals. Create an environment of complete support. 

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Embrace Happiness All the Time

This must be your trademark style of approach. With the young generation, these days getting emotionally bogged down soon, teach them to be happy all the time. As today’s loss is tomorrow’s victory. Teach them nothing is permanent and everything shall pass off. Involve them in most of your academic activities. Talk to the heart out about what you felt about the progress at regular intervals. Share progress numbers and scores, but add humanity to it. At the same time, get their feedback on how they felt doing it. What else are they looking at to be incorporated? Such productive talks shall offer them the confidence to live life. 

Address Critical Issues Quickly

This is the most needed support which can keep the students motivated throughout their University life or even later. Identify the verbal cues and physical signs to understand the student’s troubles. Help them instantly as they approach you. Make them feel confident that you are available for them in critical situations. 

Teaching is a process that connects all angles of a student. It requires the entire self of a teacher to be applied. The teacher must take many roles in this process. He must be a teacher, a friend and also a role model. Motivation shall change students’ lives but the major contribution comes from the teachers’ side. If you notice something carefully, it is the connection that you establish with the student does the rest of the job easily. The initial connect and consistency in the activities and integrity brings a world of difference in students lives. 

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Motivation changes a student’s career. It modifies limited thoughts to massive ideas. A compassion oriented technical excellence is what is required in the current situation. The generation requires a listening ear and helping hand. One word of appreciation and loads of love. The inspirational message is not only verbal it is also how you carry yourself. Most of the messages are carried to the students non verbally. The students take you as the role models and in their eyes, the role models never make mistakes. The motivation and inspirational messages that you offer is from the highest source in their eyes. Don’t misuse it. All the Best!!!

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