How to deal with Your Mental Health in Social Distancing

Posted on June 25, 2020 by Cheapest Assignment

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COVID-19 is stressful in many aspects of life. Indeed the havoc that the pandemic has created left the world in the doldrums. There is absolutely nothing can be done, as businesses stay halted, employers don’t pay the workers, and finally, get locked inside the house. More importantly, talking to the near and dear ones has become a challenge now. Social distancing adds fuel to fire in increasing the stress levels of the people. When the movement to a certain place is restricted, it is highly difficult to meet one another too. What amount of telephonic as well as video calls can substitute the real meet and talk? Of course, it is necessary to maintain these protocols for well being of self and others. But it is affecting the emotional aspects of every person. People are under deep depression and they are not able to voice it out as it is a new experience for everyone.

How to deal with Your Mental Health in Social Distancing

What causes Stress in this situation?

Mental maturity and taking care of mental state is the best solution for this. For the avoidance of pandemic to spread, it is not good to be under another wall of sickness. To understand how to maintain a proper mental state during this social distancing process, it is good to understand the reasons for stress in this situation.

The first reason to be stressed is on the personal front. It is ideal in this juncture to worry about personal health and other health condition. As Coronavirus is highly unpredictable with the way it spreads, we get stressed out about the health conditions. When this gets overboard, it may lead to highly stressful conditions.

The second prominent reason for worry is the money factor. With almost all doors are closed to make money or to earn for many. The people are prone to be stressed out on their day-to-day needs. In fact, people with high financial commitments shall lead to depression as well.

The third one is the by-product of the above two which adds to stress physically. We may have mixed sleeping as well as eating patterns. We may overeat or not eat at all. At the same time, we tend to sleep late and spoil our metabolism. This is also causing major stressful situations in life.

Unwanted Actions Add to Danger

Understanding the reasons for stress is one way of looking at stabilising the mindset. Another way is to take a look at the things that we do out of stress. At times curbing such actions can also reduce the stress levels and also improve the mental health considerably.

The first action to be curbed at this juncture is to abstain of any intoxicating substances. Be it Smoking cigarettes or drinking alcoholic beverages, it leads to chronic stress patterns. Further, consuming sleeping pills and tranquillizers can also have the same effect. Reducing any sort of external influences of narcotic substances can seem to solve the trouble at the moment, but the next day the stress pattern repeats. It not only spoils your physical health but also spoils the mental state drastically.

The second action to be curbed is not maintaining proper sleep timing. We have been living a certain life before the pandemic. The body is accustomed to a certain metabolic activity. Changing it altogether has a critical impact on your emotional state. You tend to get lazy and laziness is the first evil to create mental instability.

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The third action to be avoided is an uneven eating pattern. This is a certain situation, where you may have an office or you may work from home. Even if you work at the office, not many people shall be available and at the same time, there may be a few mates whom you would have shared lunch or dinner. But at this stage, these tend to make you eat at different times, at times you may skip too.

If you notice the above three aspects, all are self-created. You tend to smoke because you want to. You want to sleep well because you don’t want to sleep on time. You don’t eat because you don’t feel like eating. Curbing these acts diligently can add good mental posture during this social distancing period.

5 Ways to Have a Healthy Mindset

The composure of internal self-answers to all these questions. This is a very difficult situation, understood. But this is not the end of the world for you. There is a lot more happiness in store in your life. You must be ready to face, if at all alive. Let us take a look at some of the activities that you can do to fight stress and keep a healthy mental state in this period.

Relaxed Sleep: You start this from tonight. We end the day with sleep but let us ask you to start a new beginning with a relaxed good night’s sleep. This will solve 80% of your problem. Most of us feel stressed because of no proper sleep. We do not realise that. The body needs rest and the rest shall sharpen the axe in you for the next day to chop the wood effectively. Take a good lavender essential oil or an Epsom Salt bath a few hours before you sleep. Do not drink alcohol or smoke any cigarette. Sleep well, life shall take a new turn.

Start a new routine: Avoid drinking coffee in the morning. Start with some herbal tea or lemon water. Keep your body hydrated right away in the morning. Ensure a proper time to wake up. It is advised to wake up a bit early than usual and reduce the time day by day to start the day afresh.

Change your Daily Activities: Start writing your journal. Pick up a book to read. Allocate time for watching programs on TV. If you are working from home, dress up as if you are going to the office and start working. Set up a perfect work environment. Spend time in the kitchen, make your favourite healthy dish. If you have the habit of smoking, attempt to reduce it to a good considerable level.

Pick up a sport or Workout: Anything done without any physical activity shall prove counterproductive. Pick up a sport or any physical exercise and follow it for a certain period consistently. Even if it is a morning or an evening walk, that is fine. But be consistent on it. Stay relaxed and set no targets in the beginning. If you want to challenge yourself in whatever that you do, good going.

Socially Distanced But Not Far Either: Physical distance does not mean that you cannot get connected at all. Stay virtually connected with your loved ones. Announce the change in your activities and ask them to join your club. There is nothing more satisfying than making others also benefit from these activities. Discuss how it was for them and share your experiences too.

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The most valuable suggestion at this point is about setting strict timelines. It leads to stress on its own. Stay relaxed do things the way it is supposed to be and do not put yourself into any hard commitments to complete something. If you cannot read 10 pages in a book as you had promised yourself., it is fine. If you had watched a program a 15 minutes extra which your daily journal does not say, it is still fine. Life is to live not to rule over self-constraints. All the best!!!


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