How To Start Writing Your Assignment

Posted on January 15, 2022 by Cheapest Assignment

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Step-By-Step Method To Start Writing Your Assignment

Assignments are a prominent part of University education in the UK. It is imbibed in the course and it is expected of the students to complete the assignments with due diligence. The Universities practice this mode of learning to stop the ‘spoon-feeding’ method that they had experienced during school. In fact, at the College Level, teaching everything through lecture becomes useless. It is also expected of the students to put their effort into understanding the concept taught and create their own assignments. Before we get going with the way to write the assignments, it is inevitable to understand – Why is it necessary as a graduate or a postgraduate student?

Improves Learning Capacity: Writing an assignment develops the learning capacity of a student. A college education is all about the application of what is learned. Assignments are the best way to establish the same. 

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Better Learning: Writing assignments are creating your report or an article or even ideation that is known as a concept. When you write the assignments, it tends to give you more knowledge. Hence better learning guaranteed.

Improves Practical Thought Process: Assignments are all about creating something new with what is learned. Or it is the way to portray your thoughts with what is taught in the class. Invariably, this makes you think practically. After all, practical application is what the companies are looking at to recruit.

With these benefits and more, writing assignments is all for your betterment. All said and done, an assignment is supposed to be done with sheer honesty and diligence to get appropriate results in future. Let us see how an assignment can be written in detail.

Writing assignments can be divided into three phases. For better understanding, let us put that down here

  1. Pre-Assignment Phase
  2. Assignment Writing Phase
  3. Assignment Proofreading Phase

All three phases in assignment writing are equally important. You must spend a good amount of time in each phase to get a fabulous assignment done. 

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Pre-Assignment Phase

This phase sets the foundation for all your hard work. This is the base from which you shall launch anything. So, we must ensure that the foundation is strong and worthy. This assignment phase is to systematically approach. It need not be in chronological order but you must be flexible enough to do multitasking in this phase.

  1. Select a Unique Topic: More often than not, you shall be provided with the assignment topic. However, there are a few courses where the topics must be selected by the students themselves. If this point is irrelevant for you, you can skip this and go to the next. For those who are planning to select the topic, stay right here. To make a fabulous assignment, there is a need for a fabulous topic. Without a thought-provoking and curiosity instigating topic, your assignment shall not be the best. Select a topic that covers most of the concepts that are dealt with in class. More importantly, focus on real-time industry application-oriented topics. Mostly, the syllabus that is covered is connected to the industries. Selecting one from them makes you learn a lot of practical aspects of the subject. So go for it, select the best topic.


Intense Research: So, If the topic is given or you have selected the topic, your game starts now. You must be dynamic in this step. Research thoroughly on the topic. Go online, read books, talk to your lecturer and learn as much as you can in this step. You must be capable of knowing a lot of information to write a well-qualified assignment. Also, following news publications on the subject, magazines, and tech articles may also be of good support to you in this context. While doing this there are 2 important things that you must be constantly doing.

  1. Take Notes: You must start jotting down all that you learn. Have a special book for your assignment where you can write these notes. Do not miss out on any information relevant to the topic.
  2. Consult your Lecturer: This move is prudent. As you do the research, check with your lecturer if you are on the right track. At the same time seek guidance from them as to what else can be done. 

These are two crucial steps in the Pre-Assignment Phase. Spend a good amount of time in selecting the topic and research on the same. Attempt to gather as much information possible as it shall be fruitful in future.

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Once this phase is done, now it is the writing time. 

Assignment Writing Phase

To write an effective assignment, a few guidelines are mentioned below. Again, follow this one chronologically for better results. 

  1. Rough Outline: You have a book in which you have taken notes. You know the topic of what you are going to write on. The first step to writing an effective assignment is to draft an outline. Draft it in the book that you have dedicated to writing the notes. The rough outline must contain the following.
  • Title of the Topic – As far as possible make it catchy/if the topic is given to you mention the same
  • Introduction – This part must be an introduction to Why this topic was chosen and What is to be learned from this. You can also mention the real-time application of the assignment.
  • Body – This part deals with the entire assignment. It can be further subdivided based on the topic that you have chosen. 
  • Conclusion – Establish the conclusion on a positive note. Mention how this assignment was useful to you in learning the subject.
  1. Add Relevance to the Body Part: The body part of your assignment carries more weightage than any. Check your body part as you have made a rough draft, for any citations to be mentioned. Also, check if any examples needed that you have come across during your research is mentioned or not. Such information adds value to your assignment.
  2. Review: Once the draft is done, review it once. Check if you have missed any. This step shall be repeated in future areas too. This is the first time it is featured in this context.
  3. Write the Assignment: Once you have reviewed the initial draft, start writing the assignment as per the draft. Keep the draft as your checklist. As and when you complete a block, put a tick mark so that it adds happiness for the accomplishment. While writing the assignment please follow the below-mentioned guidelines
  1. Use simple Language: Do not attempt to use high sounding words, it shall not grant you desired points. Instead, make it readable by all. Use a simple language.
  2. Use Bullet Points: Don’t use too much of paragraph oriented style. Whenever there is a need, use bullet points to substantiate clarity of your assignment.
  3. Organize the examples: The citations and examples that you have jotted down, order it properly so that it is mentioned in the assignment.
  4. Do not Copy: Please do not copy your assignment for want of right words. Write the assignment on your own. 

These are 4 steps to write the assignment. Once it is done, the last phase takes over

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Assignment Proofreading Phase

This is the most important phase. Your assignment is done. It is organized. One aspect that many students miss out is on the proofreading part. Go through your assignment line by line. Check if this is making sense to you first. If anything needs to be changed, change it immediately. 

Once this phase is done, the assignment is good for submission. If the assignment needs you to mark references, put it at the last. 

Writing an assignment is the absolute creation of any new ideation. The entire effort must be yours. At any point in time during your assignment work, if you are stuck, quickly get in touch with your professors or lecturers to have it cleared out. All the Best!!!

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