How To Write A Special Occasion Speech?

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Writing a special occasion speech is a great responsibility. This type of speech is written for a significant person or an event such as a birthday, anniversary, retirement, etc. A good occasion speech leaves a lasting impression on people. They remember you for how special you made them feel on their day. Looking at its importance, it is required to write it so well that it meets their expectations in the best way possible.
As a writer, you need to know all the rules that lead to a good occasional speech. If it is your first time writing such a type of speech, then you may find it a complex task. However, you don’t need to worry as you have come to the right place. This article will guide you about the different types of occasional speech and ways to write them.

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What Are Special Occasion Speeches?
Special occasion speeches are a type of entertaining speeches that are delivered to honour any significant event. Some of these events can be weddings, anniversaries, awards ceremonies, political events, funerals, etc. For different occasions, a different type of occasion speech is crafted to address the event effectively.
Though these speeches are less formal, you need to do a good amount of research to make them informative. It requires you to be accurate at the time of citing names, events, and titles as it is essential to the integrity of the speech.
What Are The Reasons To Write A Special Occasion Speech?
A special occasion speech is written mainly to honour a person or an event. There can be innumerable reasons behind giving such speeches:

  • To introduce any new person in the group
  • To honour a special event, like a wedding
  • To create a fun-filled atmosphere on any occasion
  • To present or accept an award
  • On the occasion of graduation
  • To pay a tribute to a place, event or a person

The above list makes it clear that an occasion speech is presented on special occasions, to honour the achievements of a person, and create excitement in the crowd. These speeches are intended to stir the emotions in people.

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You need to keep in mind, that there are a few rules that should be followed to make the right impact without hurting anyone’s emotions. To help you learn about these speeches better, we have bifurcated them into various categories.
Types of Special Occasion Speeches
To write a compelling special occasion speech, you need to first gain a proper understanding of the different types of it. Here, we are reviewing the Eight most important types of special occasion speeches.

  1. Commemorative Speech and Tribute
    A ceremonial speech aims at praising or honouring a person, an institution, an organization, a special occasion, a fabulous idea, or a set of people who contributed in a special way. Talk about their values and how much effort or work it needed to prepare this speech.
  2. Acceptance Speech
    An acceptance speech is also called an Award speech or a Graduate talk. This type of speech is about accepting praise, honour, or an award. You may have seen celebrities saying a few words after receiving an award. It is an acceptance speech. Here, the recipient has to deliver the speech upon immediate acceptance of the award. If you were not anticipating receiving this award, then you may display a sincere level of amazement.
    In this short speech, you can show your gratefulness to all those people who made it possible. Feel free and allow your emotions to flow throughout the speech. Let it show your humility and grace. Indicate how this award will create a difference in your future. It is advised to prepare this speech in advance so that you get ample time to prepare a list of all those people who you need to thank. This advance preparation prevents you from missing out on paying gratitude to anyone during such a grand event.

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  1. Farewell Speech
    This speech is for a person who is getting retired or leaving a place or a position. You need to mention their achievements and success throughout their work tenure. Do not violate any sensitive or privacy issues. This speech can also be given by the one who is getting retired.
    In that case, you need to thank your management and fellow employees for their support, cooperation, and friendship. Tell them how much their advice and constant motivation helped in achieving recognition and success in the person’s career. 
  2. Toast Speech
    This is another type of special occasion speech and is referred to as the best man’s speech at a wedding ceremony. Such type of talk needs to be precise, engaging, and short enough to keep your audience entertained, and interested. You can also narrate a short real-life story to tell why the person deserves a special place in your life.
  3. Festive Speech
    This type of speech aims at entertaining people. You can also mention customs, and traditions related to the event while you deliver the speech. If it is a birthday speech, then talk about the unique traits of the person and how much you value him or her. It all boils down to praising a hero of the occasion. Make him/her feel special on this grand day.
  4. Ceremonial speeches
    This type of speech is delivered during a ritual or a ceremony marked by adhering to etiquette or formality. As such ceremonies are special for people, they are ideal for making a speech. A ceremonial speech for a wedding should not be very long. It should be an occasion to enact a story or describe a funny act, but not an embarrassing one. Don’t be general and convey the usual wishes. You should aim to make the event memorable.
  5. A Roast
    This type of speech is mostly presented for people in society who have earned a lot of respect and reputation. A roast is a form friendly version of toast that is delivered in a humorous style. The person who delivers this speech pokes funny remarks to honour the achievements of that person.
  6. Keynote Address

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The keynote address is another type of special occasion speech. It is presented by a reputed person who has earned international or national acclaim. They are invited to speak due to their expertise or fame, which would be mentioned in the speech.
This speech represents the essential theme of a convention, meeting, or any other mass gathering. In addition to the conference theme, a keynote address would include topics such as team building, objectives, and aspirations, organizational growth, management, transformation, or accomplishments.

Important Things To Note When Writing A Speech
Before you begin finding out special occasion speech ideas, ensure that you select the best ideas and transform them into an unforgettable talk. Here, is a checklist of important points that you should consider at the time of preparing a special occasion speech. By addressing these fundamental writing concerns, you can come up with the best speech ideas and ensure that all critical aspects of it are considered.

  • The occasion for which you are preparing
  • Your contribution to this specific occasion
  • Who is your target audience?
  • How much time is allotted to you to deliver the speech?
  • Does it have to be informal or formal?
  • The primary objective of the talk
  • What will be the most suitable time to deliver a speech at an event?
  • Things you should clearly avoid when speaking on a sensitive occasion
  • Which is better: Speaking on behalf of yourself or an organization?
  • Is it appropriate to include work-related tales or personal stories in the speech?

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Tips For An Outstanding Occasion Speech
Here are a few tips or rules that will help you prepare an influential speech.

Keep It Brief
One golden rule for people who want to prepare a special occasion speech is to keep it brief. People will lose interest when the speech is long. The ideal duration of a special occasion speech is around ten minutes. Any speech beyond this duration will lose the moment. Ensure to keep it short, crisp, and purposeful.

Carry Out Plenty Of Research
It is very important to present accurate titles, names, designation, and other details and facts in the speech. A little carelessness or ignorance at your end will bring criticism. There is no use in giving a speech with the wrong information. It can harm your reputation.

Do Not Form Any Assumptions
It is futile to make people guess who you are commemorating an event. They would be knowing it before the speech. In place of asking people to anticipate who you will be talking about, a short introduction in the speech is more effective.

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Be Positive
Keep a positive tone throughout the speech. The language and delivery you use in the speech should radiate optimism.

After reading this article, you must have got a better idea of different types of special occasion speech and what goes inside them. You can also check online videos and know how you can write a speech for a special occasion. The tips mentioned in this guide will help you prepare an original and impactful speech. 

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