How to write an essay with the help of some successful method

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There are so many types of essays that only depend on the topic. Before starting to write you have to know some tips which can make your essay good. Whoever, trying to write an essay with the lack of information about the topic. So it’s important to collect the correct information about the topic and then started to write. Let’s talk about some tips which are helpful for those, who are willing to know how to write an essay?

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For a good and attractive essay you have to follow these tips:   

  • Make an outline: Before you start writing, it is important to plan how you are going to put forth your argument. This is the most important and yet the most neglected step by students. Poor structure of the sentence, unclear lines of argument, are clear signs for you to practice outlining your essay or planning.
  1. To begin with, be sure of what you are going to convey in the beginning. It is always better to give an idea about the essence of your essay to the reader.
  2. well, reread whatever you have written. If you think that you have missed your main point or if you feel some information is missing or some facts need to be re-checked, organize whatever you feel can make your essay easy to read. Plan out your thoughts before you put them into a sentence. Put your thoughts in sections and link your ideas together. 

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  1. Next, fill the order of the outline by order. Deciding what will be your conclusion if your essay has an abrupt ending, then this is what irritates the reader most.
  • Unable to write a thesis statement:  One of the basic problems students have with writing is that they are not able to write a clear, understandable, and strong thesis statement. You may come across a similar problem while writing the essay. However, if you do some practice and check the idea of thesis statements on the web, it will be easy for you to come up with a well-defined and quality thesis statement.  


  • Lack of evidence: if you are having a hard time writing an essay, then you should write enough examples and evidence in your essay to support your arguments. Another major mistake student makes is that they do not provide enough proof or evidence to clarify their viewpoint. For instance, if your essay is about childhood obesity, you should provide evidence of where this problem is more common. You should also know what types of measures should be taken in this regard. 


  • Awkward structure: The most common writing issues are the poor structure of sentences and unclear writing. It is integral for you to structure the essay and make it readable and understandable. You should ensure that every sentence you write in the essay is related to the actual topic and is meant for the target audience. 

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  • Forgetting the conclusion:  writing the conclusion in the paper is as important as writing the introduction. Basically, your essay should consist of three main parts: the introduction, the body section, and the conclusion of the essay. well if the end of your topic is not so good, so for sure it will leave a bad impact on the reader/professor. 


  • Write clearly:  writing the essay in a clear way, that makes it looks good, in the essay your evidence-supported points will surely receive a high grade if it is written clearly. Clarity is produced through careful revision and editing, which can turn a good essay into an excellent one.

When you edit your essay, try to outlook it with fresh eyes- almost as if someone else had written it.

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Ask yourself the following question:  

Overall structure   

  1. Have you clearly stated your argument in your introduction?  
  2. Does the actual structure correspond to the ‘road map’ set out in your introduction? 
  3. Have you clearly indicated how your main point supports your argument?
  4. Have you clearly marked the transition between each of your main points for your reader?


  1. Does each paragraph introduce one main idea?
  2. Does every sentence in the paragraph support that main idea?
  3. Does each paragraph display relevant evidence and reasoning?
  4. Does each paragraph logically follow on from the one before it? 


  1. Is each sentence grammatically right?
  2. Is the link between sentences clear to your readers?
  3. Have you avoided redundancy and repetition?

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  • Conclusion

Although the conclusion paragraph comes at the end of your essay it should not be seen as an afterthought. As the final paragraph represents your last chance to make your case end, then you have to make sure that the format you are following is extremely right.

One way to think of the conclusion is, paradoxically, as a second introduction because one sentence should be enough – it can make or break an essay.

Annotated Bibliography

Having done all of that, one thing is clear: mistakes can do much to help us to learn and improve more than successes. As examples from both categories of real-life, your science and everyday experience can attest, if we treat each mistake not as a failure but as a learning experience then, the possibilities for self-improvement are limitless.

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