HRM 20018 Employment Relations

Posted on September 24, 2022 by Cheapest Assignment

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Essay questions 

Answer the following question:

Discuss the main features of job regulation and the role that unions play in this. In your answer you should discuss unilateral, bilateral, internal and external forms of job regulation and use the perspectives to analyse the different types of job regulation

Word limit: no more than 1,500 words

Submission date: no later than 12 mid-day on Monday 20 th March

You should submit one paper and one electronic copy of your essay. The paper copy should be submitted to the Undergraduate School Office (Darwin Building) and the electronic copy to the Turnitin link at the module’s KLE space (Assessment Folder).

Essay guidance will be provided on Monday 13 th February in the lecture (lecture slides will be available on the KLE after the lecture). Tutors will provide additional office hours to help students with essay planning, and these times will be posted on the KLE.

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