HRM in A Cross Cultural-Context

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Hannah Arendt & theory applied to the climate change and human relations with the natural environment

Assignment 2 (70%): Individual Assignment (3,500 words).

Discuss how HRM is practised in a cross cultural-context. Choose two different cultural contexts (for example China & UK, etc.) and compare and contrast one or more HR practices from the following list: personnel selection, compensation, performance appraisal, attraction and retention, training and development.

Your analysis and argumentation should be based on a thorough literature review (mainly published post 2005) that can be found ONLY in academic journals

Assignment 2 assessment criteria:

  • Demonstrate understanding of relevant issues – 20%
  • Good evidence of literature search which will be based on the number and quality of articles used – 40%
  • Demonstrate ability to think and analyse critically – 20%
  • Evaluation and synthesis of substantial arguments from the source material – 10%
  • Structure, presentation and referencing – 10%

Each assignment MUST follow the structure given below:

  • Title page
  • Introduction, in which students will explain the purpose of the essay as well as its structure.
  • Literature review, organised in sections and sub-sections
  • Conclusions, in which students will develop the main points identified from the literature review as well as their critical thinking upon the issue under investigation.
  • References, which should be properly given (Harvard System).
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