HRM210 Compensation Management Research Assignment

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Total compensation is determined by looking at many different factors of a job. These factors can lead to a wide variety of compensation packages for different jobs. Looking at different compensation packages will help you to understand why different jobs have different levels of total compensation.

HRM210 Compensation Management Research Assignment


Obtain a recent copy of the Sunday newspaper for a large city in the United States. (Note: Some of the major metropolitan newspapers can be found in libraries and bookstores all over the country.) Use the job postings to write an essay in which you complete the tasks and answer the questions below:

  1. List three positions where wages are paid in terms of an annual salary. Why do these positions pay a salary instead of an hourly wage?
  2. List three positions where wages are paid in terms of an hourly rate. Why do these positions pay an hourly rate instead of a salary?
  3. Which law regulates the determination of the form of compensation? What are the legal requirements for a position that pays a salary? Why do you think this law was established?
  4. List three positions where wages are paid in another form besides salary or hourly. What are the other forms of compensation? Why do you think these specific methods have been chosen? How are these methods of compensation more or less effective than hourly or salary wages?

Your completed research assignment will consist of an essay with an introduction, a body, and a conclusion and a Works Cited page.

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This project is designed to make you analyze the different factors that help to determine total compensation. You’ll accomplish this by reading about different jobs and different compensation levels.

Writing Guidelines

  1. Complete the assigned tasks and answer the questions in the form of one essay with an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.
  2. Type your submission, double-spaced, in a standard print font, size 12. Use a standard document format with one- inch margins. (Do not use any fancy or cursive fonts.)
  3. Include the following information at the top of your paper:
    a. Name and address
    b. Student number
    c. Course title and  number (Compensation Management, HRM 210)
    d. Research assignment number (41200800)
  4. Read the assignment carefully and answer each
  5. Be specific. Limit your submission to the questions asked and issues
  6. Incorporate and properly reference the sources of information obtained from your assignment, as well as from any other sources of information that you deem relevant. To cite your sources, please follow this procedure:
    a. Use in-text citations to indicate references to information from outside sources. Include the author’s name and the relevant page number(s) in Here’s an example: Human beings have been described as “symbol-using animals” (Burke 3).
    b. At the end of your paper, include a Works Cited page, listing all of the sources you’ve consulted. Use either MLA or APA format for this page. For information on how to prepare this page, go to the Penn Foster
  1. Remember that this is a college course, and your work in all respects should reflect college-level skills. Proofread your work at least twice and pay careful attention to spelling, grammar, punctuation, and typographical errors.

Grading Criteria

Your assignment grade will be based on the following criteria:

Content: 70%
Written Communication: 20%
Format: 10%


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The student

  • Provides clear answers to the assigned question(s)
  • Answers the question(s) in essay form and complete sentences
  • Supports his or her opinion by citing specific information from the assigned websites and other references used
  • Stays focused on the assigned issues
  • Writes in his or her own words and uses quotation marks to indicate direct quotations

Written Communication

The student

  • Includes an introductory paragraph, a body, and a concluding paragraph in his or her essay
  • Uses correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure
  • Provides clear organization by using words like first, however, on the other hand, and so on, consequently, since, next, and when


The paper is double-spaced and typed in font size 12. It includes the student’s

  • Name and address
  • Student number
  • Course title and number (Compensation Management, HRM210)
  • Research assignment number (41200800)

Submitting Your Work

Use this procedure to submit your research assignment for grading:

  1. On your computer, save a revised and corrected version of your title page and
  2. Go to and log
  3. Go to Student
  4. Click on Take Exam next to the lesson you’re working
  5. Enter your e-mail address in the box provided. (Note: This information is required for online submission.)
  1. Attach your file or files as follows:
    a. Click on the Browse
    b. Locate the file you wish to attach.
    c. Double-click on the
    d. Click on Upload
    e. If you have more than one file to attach, repeat steps a-d.
  1. Click on Submit Files.

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