HRM220 – Career Development Strategies

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HRM220 - Career Development Strategies

Assessment Title Self-directed assessment of career aspirations

Learning Outcome/s 1. and 6.

Assessment Type Individual

Weighting 30%

Word Count 1,000 – 1,200

Assessment instructions

• Write an essay covering the topics outlined below
• The essay must cover all topics below
• Submit the essay through Tunitin before the time and date specified above.

Choose two business/industry leaders who you respect and admire.
1. Career Development Theory
• Review their careers to date. Which career development theory(s) best fits their career path? Illustrate this by
providing examples of things they have done that best support your argument.
• Thinking ahead to your future career, what career development theory(s) will you be applying to your career? Give examples to support your argument.
2. Personal Values
• Reflect on your personal values (Values Worksheet – Adapted from Kelly Wilson’s Valued Living Questionnaire)
and compare them to the perceived values of your chosen business/industry leaders.
• How are your values similar? Use examples to show how you are similar and if there are no similarities, explain
alternate reasons why you admire them (aspirational)

Readings for the assessment

Essay Content: Lecture & Tutorial Notes Referencing: ICMS Style Guide (2016)

Grading Rubric

Students will be assessed using the following criteria

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