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By definition, “Human Resource Management” is regarded as the operational functions that take place within the organizational sphere in terms of recruitment, SelectionSelection, and training of the candidates that are selected for working in the organization. The functional operations of Human Resource Management can also be implemented by first-line managers. Besides this, expansion in international cooperation is becoming more sophisticated as well as complex. Moreover, effective management of the functional operations of the HR functions enhances improving the productivity of the employees and the development of the effective relationship between managers and the employees, respectively. The present study highlights the human resource management operations that take place in “TESLA Motors”. 

Overview of the organization 

The organizational culture of “TESLA Motors” creates an effective function of human resource competencies that is crucial for the development of innovative products in the international automotive organization. The corporate and organizational culture of the organization identifies the values and customs of the organization that defines the decisions undertaken and the behavior of the employees of the organization. The cultural aspects of the organization are enhanced in such a way so that it empowers its workforce towards the development of significant solutions for the achievement of an effective business position in the automotive organization in the UK. In addition to this, the human resource department of “TESLA Motors” also focuses on encouraging the workers in innovative effective ways of enhancing improvement in the business.  

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Task 1

Purpose and functions of HRM for fulfilling business objectives 

The Human Resource Department of TESLA Motors has several organizational roles and objectives comprising of development and undertaking of strategies that focus on the recruitment and SelectionSelection of employees to promote functional activities for enhancing the productivity of the organization. 

The function of the Human Resource Manager of the organization does not include only the process of recruitment and SelectionSelection but also includes the activities associated with undertaking the implementation of developmental and training programs, enhancing the implementation of policy, and enhancing payroll management respectively (Aklamanu et al. 2016)

TESLA Motors is vested with its objectives and goals that are required to be fulfilled for reaching an extreme position. Such objectives will be enhanced with the employees of the organizations will be able to perform effectively with the motive of achievement of its goals and expanding of productivity of the company, respectively. This can be enhanced by the provision of improved quality training to the employees and encouraging them to perform operational functions when required.  

HRM 20019 – Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility and HRM

Human Resource Management of the organization enhances the hiring of professional expertise for the achievement of individual as well as organizational goals. The functions performed by the organization comprise hiring, selecting, training, organizing, developing, provision of rewards, and recognition for encouraging the employees to enhance improvement in their performance. Thus, proper utilization of human resources, as well as the effective performance of employee management, is regarded as the process of Human Resource Management.  

The development and planning process undertaken by the human resource department of TESLA Motors is regarded as an important framework for assisting the employees in developing and planning their skills, abilities, and knowledge for the achievement of the overall goals of the organization. Besides this, the development of human resources comprises various opportunities such as career progression of the employees, provision of effective training to the employees, enhancing coaching and development of the employees, and encouraging succession planning for improving the performance of the employees of TESLA Motors (Bratton and Gold, 2017)

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The purpose and functions of the HRM of TESLA Motors for fulfilling its objectives are as follows:

  • Fulfillment of the requirements of the employees
  • Maintaining an effective corporate culture in the organization.
  • Enhancing the development of the employees
  • Ensuring overall performance management of the organization
  • Encouraging the employees to perform effectively
  • Provision of high-quality training to the workforce of the organization
  • Building strong collaboration and communication among the department of the organization. 

Strengths and weaknesses of recruitment and Selection and its evaluation  

The Strengths and weaknesses of the recruitment and selection process of HR are discussed as follows:

Recruitment and SelectionSelection are considered an important process of HR functions. It signifies searching for potential candidates from a pool of candidates embraced with improved skills, knowledge as well as experience in terms of SelectionSelection of appropriate candidates for filling the vacancies of job. Besides this, it becomes inherent on the part of the candidates to give their best towards getting selected and qualified for acquiring the position of the employee of the organization (Chini et al. 2016)

BSBSUS501 Develop Workplace Policy and Procedures for Sustainability

The advantages of the recruitment and selection process of HR are as follows:

  • It brings a new face and new blood to the organization. This implies that the organization will get improved and innovative ideas from the employees in terms of enhancing improvement in the operational functions towards the achievement of the overall goals. 
  • The external recruitment and selection process of HR of candidates does not involve the involvement of favoritism or partiality. 
  • The recruitment and selection process of the HR process of the organization covers the wide range of demands of the job so that it becomes feasible on the part of the higher management to make decisions and verification regarding the possible adoption of best practices. 
  • The candidate that is selected through the process of external recruitment and selection process of HR are more energetic and dynamic towards the performance of their functional operations in enhancing the safety of their organizational practices. 

The disadvantage of the recruitment and selection process of the HR process is:

  • The process of external recruitment and selection process of HR is long and tiring. Such a process consumes lots of energy and time for the candidates and the human resource department of the organization (Davies et al. 2016).
  • The process of external recruitment and selection process of HR undertaken by the HR manager is expensive due to making arrangements for the interview process as well as advertising the job vacancy in the organization.
  • Such a process of recruitment and selection process of HR might not be effective enough for revealing the best among the candidates that are selected. Therefore, regular supervision of their
  • performance is required to be done by the HR manager, which is an additional effort undertaken.


Benefits of different HRM practices within an organization 

Both the employers and the employees of TESLA Motors will be able to acquire benefits with the application of effective practices of Human Resource Management throughout the premises of the organization. Therefore, TESLA Motors uses various types of effective practices in Human Resource Management. 

HRM Practices Benefits acquired by the Employers of the organization Benefits acquired by the Employees of the organization
Learning through acquiring training practices The employees who will be given proper training facilities will be capable of contributing and performing their operational functions effectively. Hence, in this way, the employers of TESLA Motors will be able to generate increased profits that are essential for enhancing the growth of the organization (Jørgensen and Becker, 2017) The provision of high-quality development and training programs is considered an effective practice of HRM that is followed in the organization. With the help of the training process, the employees of TESLA Motors will be able to enhance their knowledge, behavior, and skills that will assist them in facing challenging situations and performing effectively in the present and future respectively. 
Process of Recruitment and Selection The process of external recruitment and SelectionSelection of employees has assisted the organization in acquiring new and innovative talents. In addition to this, the internal process of recruitment and selection of the employees assisted TESLA Motors in strengthening the relationship among the employees.   The external policies are advantageous for those employees who believe in performing their operational functions based on their talents. On the other hand, the internal process of recruitment and Selection is feasible for those staff members of TESLA Motors who are eagerly waiting to get promotions based on their level of performance in the organization (Lawrence, 2016)
Incentive Systems in the form of rewards and recognition Employees of the organizations are appreciated as well as encouraged with the provision of compensation as well as incentive systems in the form of announcing rewards. Such a facility will motivate them to perform effectively as well as responsibly than before. Such a positive contribution of the employees has enabled the employers of the organization to generate increased profits in the way of achievement of feasible results from the business activities effectively.  Employees of organizations receive recognition and rewards from the organization based on their performance. This keeps them motivated and loyal to enhancing improvement in their performance towards the achievement of organizational goals. This permits the employees in enhancing the development of performance standards and organizational skills to the maximum possible extent. 

Table: Benefits of different HRM practices

(Source: Self-developed)

Thus, TESLA Motors uses various effective practices of Human Resource Management towards the provision of advantages to both employers and employees, respectively. 

The efficiency of different HRM practices enhancing organizational profit and productivity 

The practices of Human Resource Management are significantly designed to assist and support the organization in increasing their productivity and profits seamlessly. TESLA Motors uses various practices of Human Resource Management for enhancing organizational profit and productivity as follows:

  • Flexibility is regarded as one of the essential as well as a crucial element of HRM practices that has summoned various productivity in the organization. Besides this, the staff members of the organization have become comfortable with the performance of operational functions in the flexible operating atmosphere. The HR manager of TESLA Motors is bound with the responsibility of adopting sufficient policies towards impacting the flexibility of the professional environment in which the employees will be permitted towards selecting the operational working hours. 
  • The program of development and training is yet another crucial consideration for the provision of high-quality training to the members of the organization along with the extension of achievement of the improved performance level of the employees to the improved level. This will enable the organization to speed up its production process and generate increased profits, respectively. 
  • The process of SelectionSelection and recruitment of employees will assist the organization in acquiring eligible candidates that are appropriate for filling the vacant position of the organization along with improved knowledge and skills as well. 
  • The reward and recognition system is provided by the organization to its employees for appreciating and encouraging them to improve their performance toward the achievement of the organizational goals. The employees of the organization are motivated towards contributing and performing effectively so that their contribution can lead to generating sales and acquiring higher profits in the future. 

Due to such benefits, TESLA Motors uses HRM practices for enhancing sales, profitability, and productivity in the long run for ensuring business continuity as well. 


 The importance of employee relations concerning influencing HRM decision-making 

Effective relations of employees are essential for every business organization, including TESLA Motors, for enhancing improvement in the performance of the business to an improved level.  Besides this, the strong relations among the employees permit effective teamwork and reinforce harmonizing skills. This will enable the workers to complete their tasks effectively. With the help of effective relationships among employers, the organization will be able to achieve success. In addition to this, a strong relationship among the employees of TESLA Motors will have a significant impact on the performance of the workforce to a considerable extent towards enhancing satisfaction and motivation throughout the organizational sphere. Besides this, the effective relationship among the employees enhances motivation and improves the productivity of the workforce in TESLA Motors, resulting in enhancing the success of the organization. Moreover, trade unions are considered an important human resource playing an important role in every business organization. TESLA Motors always maintains a strong relationship between the trade union and staff members, respectively. They are also responsible for fulfilling the requirements of the staff in terms of payment of gratuity, salary as well as additional amenities in the organizational work in the way of application of strong negotiation procedure by enhancing the satisfaction of the staff members (Tzabbar et al. 2017)

The employees of the organization are considered an integral asset. Their contribution is directly proportional to the continuity and growth of the organization. In addition to this, it is important for the HR department of the organization in maintaining stability as well as a professional operating environment. In addition to this, the HR department of the organization is required to maintain effective relationships among the employees.  Such a relationship is further segregated into two crucial parts: one is the relationship between employees and the management, and the other is the relationship between co-workers of the organization. It has been noticed that several organizations get affected as a result of a deficiency in maintaining effective relationships among the workers. Hence, to strengthen the relationship, it is important to enhance strong communication among the employees of the organization. As per the research conducted by the market researchers, the relationship among the employees tends to get affected due to the communication gap. As a result of which, the decision undertaking capacity also gets impacted as well. 

The decisions that are undertaken by the HR department of the organization must be unbiased as well as equal for the entire organizational workforce. This will enable the organization to perform effectively towards strengthening the relationship among the employees.  Besides this, effective motivation of the employees is considered to be crucial for improving the relationship among the workforce of the organizational sphere. In addition to this, the provision of incentives and rewards is effective in enhancing the motivation of the employees so that they can perform effectively with the motive of the achievement of organizational goals. Hence, maintaining a strong relationship among the employees is considered to be important for enhancing effective decision-making (Vivares-Vergara et al, 2016)

Current Human Resource Management

Employment legislation and the impact it has upon HRM decision-making 

The government of the UK comprises several crucial roles, policies, legislations as well as norms that comprise various employment and labor laws. The significant aim of the implementation of labor laws is to safeguard the workers from unethical activities that might occur in the organization during the performance of operational functions. This is possible when the HR manager of the organization will solve legal constraints and issues with the application of legislation of employment terms and practices. Besides this, every such decision regarding employment terms and conditions is undertaken by the HR department towards maintaining the laws associated with the legislation of employment. Such legislation can have a significant impact on the decision-making capacities of the organization as follows:

  • Equality Act: This act is regarded as one of the crucial legislations of employment terms and conditions that is implemented by the parliament in the UK with the motive of the provision of significant facilities and benefits to the employees so that they can feel secure towards their employment. Besides this, the legislation also states that every employee must be treated similarly and prohibit partiality. In addition to this, no employees of the organization must face the situation of discrimination within the organizational sphere. However, if the occurrence of unethical activities takes place in the organization, then strict actions will be undertaken, and punishment will be granted as per the legal implications set by the law of the UK parliament. The occurrence of such unethical actions must be directly reported to the HR department which is responsible for implementing further actions accordingly. 
  • Redundancy: It is an important legal act that includes policies and procedures that are required for enhancing the effective management of the organization. In addition to this, it also comprises information associated with employment terms and conditions such as voluntary redundancy, redundant payments as well as redundant counseling practices. Besides this, the decisions are undertaken by the department of HR for complying with the legislative practices of the employment redundancy act, respectively. 
  • Data Protection Act: Such an act was implemented in the year 1998 in the UK for enhancing the protection of the personal data of the employees of the organization. Besides this, such an act has been revised as a General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in which the principles of the act are the same. As per this legislation, information and data of the employees can only be used by the government organization. However, anyone found to be guilty of conducting unethical activity in the way of misusing the data and information of the employees will be strictly punished (Regulation, 2018).
  • Trade union: It is also known as a labor union. Such a union is developed by the organizational employees in collaborating towards enhancing improved safety standards towards the achievement of improved wages and trade, safeguarding the honesty of the labor, and enhancing the benefits and working conditions by strengthening the bargaining power of the workers. 
  • All of the above legislation, norms, and policies are considered to be crucial, and all the external elements tend to possess a significant impact on the operational functions of the business in undertaking effective decision-making. On the other hand, the internal element comprising trade unions possess a significant impact on the process of decision-making activities undertaken by the Human Resource Management of the organization.


Application of HRM practices in a work-related context, with the help of specific examples

  1. Job specification design for one of several given positions in the organization

The human resource management of TESLA Motors has decided to make arrangements for conducting the interview process for recruiting productive candidates for the role of Sales Analyst. The candidates will be hired based on their professional as well as knowledge merit. 

The Job specification for Sales Analyst will be as follows:

  • For the development of an effective relationship with the customers
  • For ascertaining the demands and requirements of the customers
  • For checking the accounts of the customer
  • For keeping track of sales of products

For providing important reports and data for assisting the sales department of the 

  • organization 
  • For enhancing effective handling of the customers and the clients
  1. A CV will be required from each candidate that is tailored for applying in more than positions as advertised by another significant team Documentation is required to be undertaken for preparing notes in interviews based on selection criteria along with justified decisions undertaken in terms of making an effective selection of the candidates. 
  2. Provision of the job offer letter to the candidates who are selected for the concerned position
  3. Evaluation of the recruitment and selection process and conducting rationale of implementation of effective HR practices

TESLA Motors has decided to conduct an interview process and evaluate the same based on several grounds such as interviews, group discussions, and conducting personality tests. The candidates are required to undergo effective communication tests and analytical tests for getting hired for the position of Sales analyst. Such priority is enhanced for the provision of employment opportunities to the candidate that is required to be considered. 

Property Appraisal

The organization has enhanced the application of the unique procedure of conducting the interview process and evaluating the same for conducting the investigation process with the employees. This approach is followed for shortlisting merit and professionally qualified candidates. Besides this, the HR manager is required to monitor the learning and genuine abilities of the candidates towards performing in challenging situations. TESLA Motors makes use of the application of conducting face-to-face interviews for judging and selecting effective candidates that are assigned with their respective job.

the rationale is specific to the application  

Conducting face-to-face interview sessions is regarded as one of the significant techniques for the application of the interview process, which is essential for the organization. It is feasible to employ effective candidates from a large pool of candidates in the niche of information, operational performance experience, and viable aptitude tests. Besides this, face-to-face the process of conducting interview process is associated with reduced expenses as well as an attractive opportunity for selecting and leading the most qualified personnel. Moreover, the process of conducting an interview is predictable and solid in which the expression of the candidates can be captured for supporting the choice of the candidate. 


From the above study, it can be concluded that the overall performance of the organization can be influenced by the application of effective practices of HRM. Besides this, the HR manager has various roles and functions for performing its operations effectively. In addition to this, the HR manager plays a crucial role in recruiting and hiring suitable candidates for fulfilling the vacant positions in the organization. The practices of Human Resource Management are followed for increasing profitability and expanding the productivity of the organization as well. 

Besides this, TESLA Motors can also gain a significant competitive advantage in the international market by following the effective practices of Human Resource Management. In addition to this, there are various external and internal factors of the recruitment and selection process that possess a significant impact on the decision-making activities of the organization

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