IDPM60101 International Management

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Dynamic Leadership Sample

Question No. 1

You have been recruited as a consultant to two multinational companies: a British food retailer setting up in America; a German textiles firm relocating production to India. You have been asked by both companies to advise them on the desirability and feasibility of transferring practices to their new locations.
1. Prepare a management report responding to the companies requirements.
2. Outline within your report how your advice may differ.

Question No. 2

‘With globalisation, people’s behaviour and values are increasingly becoming similar, and especially so in organisations. Therefore, in a near future, the International Human Resource Management of multinational organisations will be conducted globally’. (Harzing and Pinnington, 2014). Discuss.

Question No. 3

Fayol’s 14 Principles of Management developed in the 1900’s were considered revolutionary within their time. Justify the relevance of such Principles of Management in a modern organisation using multi-disciplinary
product or project teams, in order to adapt to specific customer needs and environmental changes?

Question No. 4

Examine the relevance of International Human Resource Management (IHRM) for an organisations international strategy; identify different features of international strategy and discuss how IHRM can be related to its successful

Question No. 5

1. Choose an organisation that you are familiar with and consider the following:
a. The stages of the organisation’s Value Chain.
b. From a manager’s perspective, assess the problems that maybe encountered at each of these stages in terms of staff, operations and the customer.

Question No. 6

Critically assess the key components of a cross cultural training and development programme intended for a group of male and female expatriates from the U.K who will be taking up international assignments in the hospitality industry in the Middle East.

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