Individual Assignment Guidelines

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MG926 Managing People in Organisations

Question 1 (Parts A & B): Ethical decision-making

Part A

  • Number of questions : 4
  • Total marks : 13


You are a manager within a large construction entity and need to make a recommendation to the CEO on which tender to accept. The job being tendered for is worth millions of dollars, and you have a significant shareholding in one of the companies tendering.


  1. Determine the two key facts of the case.
  2. Determine the two ethical issues of the case.
  3. Determine the three ethical principles which might be at risk in the given scenario.
  4. The following alternative courses of action, which you could take, have been identified.
    (a) Declare an interest and step outside of the decision-making process for this particular tender.
    (b) Declare an interest and remain part of the decision-making process and complete your recommendation for your company.
    (c) Don’t declare an interest and continue to do your job by making a recommendation.

Determine the consequences of each of the above courses of action.

Part B

  • Number of questions : 4
  • Total marks : 10


You are a small business owner who wants to enter an overseas market. You arrange to meet with a government official of the country you wish to do business with, in order to discuss your market entry. To be successful, you really need his support. During the discussion, you realise that he expects a monetary payment in exchange for his help.


  1. Determine the three key facts of the case.
  2. Determine the one ethical issue in the case.
  3. Determine the two ethical principles of the case.
  4. The following alternative courses of action, which you could take, have been identified.
    • Make the payment.
    • Don’t make the payment.

Determine the consequences of each of the above courses of action.

Question 2: Code of ethics for professional accountants

  • Number of questions : 3
  • Total marks : 9


You are an accountant with Maxim Ltd and are confronted with the following situations:

(a) You are appointed the auditor of Baba Ltd, a producer of golf equipment. While on the premises carrying out some audit work, you are offered a new set of golf clubs in appreciation of your work to date.

(b) You work for a lending institution and one of your friends has approached you for a loan. Your friend has been unable to obtain a loan elsewhere. You approve the loan for your friend.

(c) You are on the local council works committee. It is considering a number of tenders for a park upgrade. Your best friend has submitted a tender, and you argue strongly in favour of that tender.


For each of the above situations, state the one relevant APES 110 Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants principle which has been breached and briefly explain why.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is being asked for? Are we on the right track?
Making sure you understand what is being asked for is the first step! A good answer to a question that has not been asked is actually a bad answer! Reading Chapter 2 of the textbook would be a good starting point! In particular look at; the role of ethics in business, comparing ethical philosophies and approaches relevant to business decision making; the use of codes of ethical conduct and the fundamental principles of APES 110; the application of ethical
decision- making methods to business situations; and combining issues relevant to ethics, regulation, sustainability and politics.

What sort of language does this assignment require?
Specialised terms, or “jargon”, should be defined but everyday terms should not. Do not assume that your reader is an expert in the area being discussed, nor assume that they are entirely uneducated.

How many references do we need?
The reference list should contain only those resources that have actually been referred to (or “cited”) in your answer. The quantity of references is not as important as the quality of your references, the relevance of your references and how the references are used in your assignment.

Can we ask people we know and use their views and include it in the assignment?
No. Use published sources only.

Will our tutor (or other staff) read our drafts before we submit?
No. We will give guidance but will not actually read (or proof-read) any reports in advance.

Who should I ask if I have more questions?
You should ask the Unit coordinator Graeme J. Mitchell as there may be other students who have the same questions and there is a need for consistency in advice.

How does the assignment contribute to my assessment mark?
This assignment is worth 15% of your total marks in the unit. You will be given a score out of 40 which will then be converted to a mark out of 15 for this assessment task.

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