Individual Assignment

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Discussion Post Assignment

Question: Select ONE client brief from the three made available to you. Thinking about what has been discussed in class and what you have read, you are tasked with putting together a comprehensive response to proposal whereby you are expected to present an idea (or two) on how to launch the campaign to the public. In addition, the focus should be on outlining and presenting a metric and KPI (key performance indicator) strategy to present to the client. Your response should display use of critical thinking towards understanding the client campaign and what it hopes to achieve, a clear understanding of digital data, an eloquent explanation of foreseen challenges and possible solutions.

Assessment Criteria

1. Answer. (Does the work answer the question or address the issues?)

2. Structure (Is the general structure of the work coherent?)

3. Flow (Does each statement follow sensibly from its predecessor?)

4. Argument (Is there a convincing quality of argument in the work?)

5. Evidence (Are claims supported by relevant evidence from the literature?)

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