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Report- Critical Review of Dicken’s -2015- Global Shift- Mapping the Changing Contours of the World Economy

Value of Information

In this information, the most attractive content is to understand the importance of AI as well as Big data in the path of achieving success. Talking about the Coca-Cola company, they have introduced AI which helped them to launch new beverage brands. This also helps in understanding the importance of AI in the education sector by pushing for better medical and scientific information.

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Handling of Information

AI is the only best choice for handling big data and information which helps the industry to grow in the real marketplace. This entire system is based on a machine learning system which provides better privacy protection to the generated data and information. The application of AI in the food industry also helps to gather better customer experience by providing perfect services in apps.

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Matching Information System to User Requirements

AI is a vast working platform that provides huge opportunities to fulfill user requirements. In this system, the machine learning tools are highly classified and are mainly designed to understand the exact changes in the performance of the industry. This is the information platform under which the user can take the service and also provide feedback for further changes.

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Ideas for an IT Policy

The IT policies are already formed by following all relevant norms. But, still, in the machine learning approach, some loopholes create problems including the poor experience of customers. The entire system must be designed so that each person’s response can be collected and proceed with their demands.

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