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What is environmental scanning?

It is the process of systematic study and collecting the relevant information to identify any threats or opportunities in an organization. The organization collects the data about several things like about the external world, more about their competitors and also about their own company. There are several steps involved in this process like gathering the information about the employees, about the strategies of the government, laws that are enforcing and several other factors. The Environmental Scanning Homework Help to know more about these problems.

Internal analysis of environment

The initial step of this process is the scanning of the organization itself. It includes the observation of the environment of the organization, the interaction of the employees with the other team, interaction of an employee with the top level management team, interaction between the different managers of different departments, interaction of manager and the other staffs and also with the share holders, and also the potential of the organization.

Sometimes interviews and surveys are also important to identify the strength and weakness of the employees that matters a lot in the organization.

External analysis of environment

Not only the internal changes are important, but the external environment also plays a vital role. It is always necessary to find to competitors in the markets as the organization is dynamic. The company should have all the information about the moves and various actions of their competitors in the market. In the case of the external study, three factors are necessary to study. These are the immediate environment, about the national environment and the macro environment.

The Immediate environment study includes the information about the structure of the organization, about the competitive position of the company and the details information about its history. It also checks the impact of globalization on the market structure.

The national environment study includes the study of the globalization market to improve the structure of the organization.

Finally, the macro environment study includes the knowledge about the technologies, international factors, some social factors and the government issues.

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