Insolvency Law

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When a company is not able to clear off the debts of its creditors or satisfy the legal demands of others or not able of compensating the essential requirements of the organization, then it becomes insolvent as it was not able to clear off its debts properly. Several reasons are responsible for the outbreak of the cause such as inappropriate relationship with the tied bank, not being able to maintain accounts properly, be deficient in resources and capital. When an organization is going through a period of bankruptcy then it had to undergo the process of insolvency. One of the options available for the organization is to grab charitable supervision or receivership through which an organization can get benefited. Some duties are present which is important for the director of the organization to follow are withhold the in debt trading, phoenix actions and lot others. The directors of the company are the most liable person who is held responsible for the debt of the company. Insolvent trading is considered the most stifling issue in Australia. The report has been designed to throw some light on the matter of bankruptcy in various companies of Australia.

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Signs of insolvency and actions to be taken by directors

A corporation takes a lot of actions in their daily life, it is noticed that the directors of the corporation remain busy in the daily work of the corporation but the output is that they got failed to recognise or trail the signals of the liquidation. Liquidation does not start or create in one night, it is the output of the various factors or conditions that a corporation has practised in their work life. There are a lot of signals of liquidation or insolvency that all corporations must study. It is to be said that to cross the parameter of bank overdraft is referred to as a signal of the liquidation, where the bank requires a personal guarantee to create or make any other or personal overdraft. Enough current assets are also considered as another important liquidation, a corporation wants to be believed in. Inadequate current assets lead to the lack of liquidity and divesting a corporation to convene by their current liabilities. If it seems that a corporation does not have enough data by which they can collect the entire or helpful information or data to the management according to the financial performance of the corporation. This type of system normally gives information on cash flow forecasts, debtors’ reports, bank reconciliation statements etc. So the lack of full data creates a problem for the corporation to acquire the level of debt of the corporation. Incapability to pay off the debt which is owed to any protected or unprotected creditor is also seems like an important signal of the liquidation of the corporation. With the above it is concluded that taking significant time to do the payoff to the trade creditors, failed to create a deal with the statutory demands, require of the production will also be invited in the winding up the petitions which is filed by the other stakeholders and also creditors.

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There is another factor that can create the liquidation for a corporation is the incapability of the corporation to give the wages or the salaries to the workers or the staff of their corporation. According to the case of, it is to be suggested and also decided by Justice Mandie that the problems are continuing losses, liquidity ratio is under 1, over taxes on either the state or Commonwealth, poor communication with the bank, incapability to take access to the alternate of finance, problems in the increment of the equity capital, the trade creditors were remains unpaid, condition of the post-dated cheque, cheques dishonoured by the banks and others, incapability to arrange the financial data, which is exact and done on time. 

Potential liabilities of directors during insolvency

There are some liabilities that are personal in nature, which can arise opposite of the directors when they stand at the correct time; a corporation is becoming bankrupt then. It is like banned for the director to do the exchange or trade at the time of the corporation is going to be bankrupt, although, if the directors are found that they are part of the bankrupt trading then they will be personally accountable for the debt which is increasingly out of these activities. Like them, the directors are also capable of bankruptcy to the ATO’s Director Penalty Regime, if they can bring that any payment which is waiting or any stoppage of the corporation to pay the Superannuation Guarantee Charge. The director is also able to pay the phoenix activities, here the director has to move the assets of the corporation on his own, and the company can be able to fulfil the payment of the creditors.

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Avenues available during insolvency

There are some avenues that are created for the directors and the corporation, if it is supposed to do that the corporation is supposed to be bankrupt. At first, the directors have to certify the truth that the corporation does not get mixed in exchanging in the bankrupt, to avoid the design of any other debt. There are more and other facilities which are available by the corporation, that are charitable administration, liquidation and receivership. Unpaid administration is a Performa that was a particular and independent person, acted as a charitable administration and control the whole corporation, to certify that the activities of the corporation are mannered in that the best returns are created for the creditors and the business of the corporation will be saved. It is very fast and easy too that will be working in a willing way just to save the corporation when it is predicted that the corporation will be bankrupt. The next possibility is liquidation, it is like criteria in which a liquidator is appointed or hired for the company, who have control of all the problems or affairs of the corporation in order to certify that, the criteria of twisting is done in a correct way or posture and which is seems to be profitable for the creditors also.

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Voluntary and involuntary interventions

There are a lot of voluntary and involuntary involvement by the various clients who are concerned by the possible liquidation of the corporation. There is a conflict between voluntary and involuntary involvements. Voluntary involvements are created in a voluntary way, whereas, involuntary involvement is completed with the assistance of the court. For example, voluntary involvement has been done in the way of creditors and the partners of the liquidation of the voluntary persons. The partners of the voluntary liquidation is a criterion is normally has been done when the corporation is in clover and also have the ability of its servicing of debt problems. It is a level that has been completed or done by the directors according to the provision of the Corporations Act 2001. It is controlled by the directors of the corporation and the liquidator who is appointed to do the work of the corporation. Compulsory liquidation is commanded by the law or court when a request is going to be neglected or failed especially by the unpaid creditors of the corporation. Compulsory termination is commanded by the court especially when a corporation is bankrupt. In this case, the law will appoint an officer to do the whole work of the bankrupt and find the problems of it. So by this way, a liquidator takes off the place of the directors to do these works.

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Good outcome of a company other than winding up

The other outcomes of the organization in spite of wind up are available. Voluntary administration is an option for the company facing a financial crisis. The company can carry out its activities and protect the organization in near future. A voluntary administrator is appointed by the director of the organization or the creditors itself but it must have to be under the ASIC registered liquidator. The appointed administrator will be tried to implement some changes in the organization and take some valuable decisions related to the goodwill of the organization. The voluntary action saves the organization from legal actions taken by the creditors and will protect the director of the organization to a great extent.

Statistics of insolvency


The report and the statistics that are provided below is the chart of the Australian companies that went bankrupt in recent years (Insolvency, B., 2006):

Insolvency Law

Figure: Initial external administrators’ reports—Region by industry (1 July 2015–30 June 2016)

Source: ASIC

Insolvency Law

Figure: Initial external administrators’ reports—Size of the company as measured by the number of FTEs by industry (1 July 2015–30 June 2016)

Source: ASIC

Insolvency Law

Figure: Initial external administrators’ reports—Size of the company as measured by the number of FTEs by region (1 July 2015–30 June 2016) 

Topical issues regarding insolvency

There are two most important and basic topical issues that are regarded as the most important related to the current situation of Australia. The first issue is the decision which was provided by the court of Australia in the matter of Sons of Gwalia Ltd v Margaret; ING Investment Management LLC v Margaretic (2007), where the Australian court has provided permission to the stakeholders that they can mend themselves into the creditor of the organization by which the creditor can claim their amount from the organization when the claim of misleading the creditors will be held against the organization. The issue related to this matter was whether a shareholder can turn themselves into a creditor or not. The second matter of fact was that the organizational issue related with the insolvent trading whether the directors of the organization can continue to trade with the bankrupt organization with the intention that the bankrupt company can turn to be solvent organization again. But there is a probable chance that the burden of the organization will continue to grow.

Role of ASIC

The ASIC plays a number of significant roles towards the bankrupt company or the company that is on the verge of bankruptcy. The ASIC has also an important role in providing the most reliable and trustworthy directors to various bankrupt organizations and even provides awareness and useful tips to remove them from the verge of bankruptcy. The ASIC also play a significant role in providing guidelines to all the liquidators or the receiver of the organization so that the process of instruction can be enhanced and updated at each and every interval. From the above facts and understanding, it is clear that the organization must have gone through the process of liquidation and insolvency in various phases of their life which is considered to be the real fact for the insolvency of the organization. The case of Hussain v CSR Building Projects Limited; in the matter of FPJ Group Pty Ltd (in Liq)(“Hussain’s case”) (2016) under the federal court of Australia which was governed by Justice Edelman. The case presented in the manner that the expert advice presented by the liquidator of the organization was found to be incorrect and baseless under the wrong assumptions. The liquidator of the organization was not able to provide a proper list of all the realization of stocks and the trade debtors of the organization. It was even charged that the liquidator was unable to provide any details about the cash flow of the organization. The liquidator was also found guilty of not being able to provide any kind of relationship with the bank and the organization or any kind of loan proposal to save the organization from bankruptcy. Somehow the revised tax requirement of the organization was available to the court. Therefore the court has denied holding the organization as a bankrupt organization.

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In order to conclude it must be said that an organization must have to aware of the danger of bankruptcy and take immediate action in order to avoid being in the path of bankruptcy. It is important for the director of the organization to maintain a good and healthy financial status of the organization. It is also important to examine that if an organization is on the verge of bankruptcy then the organization must follow charitable supervision. So, with the help of this feasible plan, the company can avoid being in the path of bankruptcy and can even pay its creditors in an appropriate manner. It has also been observed that a creditor can file a petition against the organization if he is not able to get his money back from the organization in an appropriate and timely manner. The ASIC has already provided guidelines to all the Australian organizations regarding the fact of bankruptcy, the duties of the directors of the organization and its various ways to part out from the part of the bankruptcy. The ASIC also keep a track record of its registered liquidators.




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