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7PROP017W Property Valuation

Assignment 1: Recommending an Overseas Market – Additional Information

There are two assignments in this unit. Assignment 1 is worth 40% of the overall marks. This assignment is therefore an important piece of work. It is an opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of International Business and the relevant issues raised in the assignment question(s). This assignment requires you to recommend an overseas market to expand the activities of an organization of your choice.

The assignment involves research within the context of existing knowledge. You may use both primary and secondary data to provide a logically structured argument. It is important to note that mere reporting of facts will be inadequate and I will look for evidence of critical review and analysis. You must also ensure that there is a clear link between your arguments, appropriate theory and available evidence. You may choose an appropriate model from the recommended textbook or other acknowledged sources.

Assignment Focus:

You are required to develop a report proposing a new overseas market which an organisation should enter or alternatively an existing overseas market where significant expansion should be implemented.

Home Country Organisation:

You must decide whether you will base this assignment on an organisation where you are employed, or have been employed in the past, an organisation in a sector of industry in which you have a special interest, a local company who you are aware of that may be seeking to expand their overseas activities or a public sector/not-for-profit organisation such as a college where you are currently studying or have studied in the past or a major charity.

Please ensure you have access to adequate and reliable information on the organization of your choice.

Potential Host Country:

To address the assignment question, you may undertake an analysis of an overseas market and macro-environment factors surrounding the overseas market you have selected for market expansion. It requires you to assess the key environmental factors that support or justify its attractiveness. Your discussion of the recommended target market should be based on facts obtained from research. You may choose any country as a potential host market for overseas expansion. To better appreciate the justifications of the potential overseas market, it will be helpful that you provide some information about the organisation, its current operations and product mix.

It may be useful also to consider the macro environment of the home country to assess the attractiveness of the proposed overseas market.

Any assumptions made in writing the assignment must be clearly specified.

Assignment Format

Your assignment should not exceed 2500 words, typed at least 1.5 or double space, preferably using Arial point 12 type face. You can attach appendices to the report to provide coverage of information that, because of the report length constraint, could not be included in the main report.

The source of all materials included in the report should be accurately referenced using Harvard referencing format (which is known as the Harvard System).

Assessment Criteria:

You must make an effort to use multiple sources of information in preparing your assignment. These sources may include- articles from refereed journals (the most important source), electronic database, newspapers, and in some cases (where feasible and desirable) interviews with key stakeholders. Assignments will be assessed based on demonstrated conceptual understanding, evidence of wide reading and research, appropriate editing and consistent use of referencing.

Your assignment will be assessed on multiple dimensions including an ability to utilise appropriate academic theories and models that can provide a framework for addressing the assignment question; ability to develop and present an effective argument; ability to utilise sources such as the Internet and University library facilities to search, locate and summarise relevant information and data to develop and present your argument and an ability to critically analyse information, formulate conclusions and exhibit original thought.

Assessment Format:

At least 1.5 or typed double spaced with at least 2.5cm margins following specified style requirements; Arial font 12.

2500 words maximum (excluding appendices)

Assignment text may be organized in either essay or report format. In either case it is
essential that you include a list of references.

Plagiarism and Other Forms of Cheating: Plagiarism is a serious act of academic misconduct. Please familiarize yourself with the University’s Policies on Examination and Assessment, including plagiarism and other forms of cheating. Students must not submit work that has previously been submitted for this course or any other course.

Late Assignment Submission: I am sympathetic to unforseen personal and professional problems that might arise from time to time. However students are expected to submit their work by the due date to maintain a fair and equitable system. Extensions will only be given for medical or other serious reasons. Requests for extensions must be emailed to the lecturer of the course, preferably before the due date. Each request will be assessed on its merits. Late assignments (without prior arrangement) will be penalised by a 5% reduction for each day the assignment is late.

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