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Unit 7.3 Strategic Resource Management

For the purpose of effectively functioning in the multinational setting, M&S Textiles Australia intends to establish its manufacturing plant in the Philippines. This could be a smart move on part of the business entity as it would help it to optimally utilize the market opportunity to sell its quality cotton fabric in the Asian market context. According to the “International Business” by Cavusgil and Knight, the businesses can have a sustainable existence in the dynamic setting by focusing on the cross-border business transactions that are influenced by the cross-cultural setting (Cavusgil et al., 2014). 

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The marketing strategic model that would help M&S Textiles to have a strong and steady existence in the new Asian market is the have connection with a local firm. As per the government, a foreign entity must have a local partner in the Philippines. It can act as an effective international marketing strategy model that would help the Australian-based firm to have a constructive manufacturing plant. The knowledge of the local partner could be utilized by the business to identify the main environmental factors that come into play in the Philippines and have an impact on the business entities that function in the market context (, 2018). 

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 The marketing model would play a vital role to complement the current production facility of the business in Australia. The effectiveness of the new facility could be enhanced by using the local partner’s knowledge and expertise while supplying the products to customers around the world including Australia. Thus this international marketing model would help M&S Textiles to expand its business operations at a global scale.


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