International Strategic Management and Innovation

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MIS781 Business Intelligence and Database

Assessment Topic – You are tasked with assessing the development and application of key elements of international strategic management and innovation by a ‘hidden champion’ of Germany: Pick one of the following three
• Krones AG,
• Kärcher, Alfred Kärcher SE & Co. KG,
• Evonik IndustriesAG,

1) As a minimum, you need to assess and evaluate
• the company’s competitive advantage, building on an appropriate model of strategic environmental analysis like
• their strategic intent – please provide specific examples of products, markets, busines units, functional or regional
• the companies approach to creativity and innovation – ideally with a striking example – and how they respond to
technological forces and incorporate them into business opportunities,
• their international innovation eco-system,

• the company’s strategic management approach, the processes applied, and the role strategic network management plays in their international innovation efforts
2) Please describe briefly why you chose this particular hidden champion from the list of three choices.
3) Please add your recommendations to advance the company’s international strategic management and innovation results.

Assessment Guidelines – Consider some of the following questions – but do not limit yourself to them – when evaluating and recommending to advance the company’s international strategic management and innovation:
• What are the company’s key strengths and competencies?
• Are significant new competitive advantages likely or will they be needed?
• Is the company’s vision sufficiently unique?
• What leadership principles do you observe?
• What are some of the challenges to be expected from their international strategic management and innovation approach?
• What strategic options, risks, and opportunities do you see in the coming 5-10 years?

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