Is resistance a bad thing to managing the changes in the case of holding covid-19?

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The covid-19 pandemic has become one of the most severe economic calamities all across the world. The government has imposed a lockdown to curb the spread of the virus. Due to this, there has been seen a drastic reduction in financial activities. Unemployment, poverty, depression, etc. are some of the issues that the entire world is suffering from. With no drug manufactured to date to treat this virus, this trend is expected to go on for a few more months. The prevailing miserable condition and a vision of a scary future bring a lot of critical questions in front of us.
Looking at the crisis, it is becoming inevitable for people to accept the situation, and make changes in the way they live and work with this crisis. Those who are resistant to change and not willing to adapt to it, will not be able to manage the various economic and social challenges posed by Covid-19. In this article, we will tell you more about why it is required to minimize resistance and implement strategies to promote economic and social recovery in the world.

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Why Changes Are Inevitable To Deal With COVID-19?
People resist more to those changes that are imposed on them than to the ones in which they have enthusiastically participated. Changes within the organization are needed to progress in a changing global market and survive in a fully new environment.
The extent and nature of these changes are independent of the models identified or experienced by people. They have to be invented. It is required that organizations should become more creative, adjustable, and flexible. It becomes necessary to manage the resistance towards change by developing a culture that seeks changes and accepts them.
How To Break The Resistance Towards Accepting Change In The Society?
The worldwide COVID-19 epidemic has challenged firms to effectively manage their operations in new ways. They are coming across massive scope variations to their existing business plans. Looking at the long-term perspective, they should acclimatize to these changes to make continued progress on their diverse set of business objectives.
Forced change management can be difficult for an organization to achieve. Based on the extent of the working settings, you may experience uncertainty and inability to manage this dynamic, and ambiguous change.

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The need of the hour is to implement an organizational change management program around the methodological aspect. This plan should develop emergency plans and implement the best business continuity practices for the people. It will help to migrate to this new working culture and enhance the productivity of the business.
To execute a change management program, an organization should cultivate a culture of introduction and management of change. One of the ways is by creating a positive culture of a quest for change. It is needed to get the active involvement of employees while performing tasks such as researching, choosing, designing, investigating, and implementing change.
This is a complex task but a necessary prerequisite to developing a culture that is open to change. There is a need to develop a system that gets full participation and collaboration of people to accept and implement the change rapidly, and efficiently.
What Is Needed To Implement The Culture of Change Management?
In this post coronavirus situation, it is required that you have the proper tools and processes in place that help in implementing the required changes. Here are some of the pre-requisites that you should consider to migrate from a culture of resistance towards change to a culture of productively seeking change in the organization.

Managing Across Cultures and Comparative Management

• Create and promote innovative ideas and suggestions for change. These changes should be considered irrespective to the employee, dealer, partner, advisor, and more
• You should permit quick, direct, open, frank, and multi-directional exchanges on issues, challenges, and opportunities faced by the entities
• Ensure that suggestions for amendments invite comments, enhancements, and criticisms from everyone who will need to live with them
• Properly examine and investigate changes before you execute them throughout the network
• Make sure that the changes are explained and communicated properly and quickly before implementation
• Ensure real-time inspection of the execution of the amendments to find out whether they are properly executed or need any rectifications or enhancements to make them convenient to execute.
• To ensure the success of the changes in the organizational network, there has to be a flexible and quick means in place to get active and fast participation by every single entity involved in the successful execution of the organization. Implement tools and procedures for rapid, affordable, and highly efficient communication in an organization network.
• Have a mutual understanding of the idea, mission, calculated objectives, and ethics needed to run an organization. This knowledge of the goals of the organization makes it convenient to design, assess, and implement the necessary changes to accomplish them.
• Emphasize creating a well-organized organizational network that is flexible, scalable, and successful. It enables the merging of ideas, information, skill, and creativity of various tycoons and directors of the organization.
Ways To Implement The Change In An Organization?
Start off by realizing the need to bring the necessary changes in the organization and fulfil the pre-requisites to implement the change. This will help in learning how to implement the change to deal with the severe implications of the coronavirus plague.

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Share experiences and offer support
The most important thing that an organization needs to do is to support its employees, clients, and consultants throughout the globe. Share the experience to work out ways to lessen the fear of the unknown and ambiguity present around workplace services. Form a structured communications method for virtual work that assists employees and keeps them well-organized and competent in their roles without getting distracted. It is required that organizations should consistently communicate with employees to help them ease their fears and tolerate business continuity.
Create An Agenda For Steadiness And Communication In Business
There may be expectations and pressure for a majority of organizations to perform in the same way as they were doing before the pandemic. This time they will need to do it in a little different manner via remote, and virtual management.
Ensure that you have an effective business continuity plan that meets the requirements and goals of the business. Form strategies on how to form decisions to deal with uncertainties, and maintain complete focus on execution, collaboration as well as remote communication.
Organizations should form business strategies that effectively integrate crisis management, risk management, and disaster recovery to adapt themselves to the situation quickly and continue to deliver expected results.

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Use structured organizational change management approach to develop awareness for change among employees. The innovative model of working will help to reduce panic and avoid uncertainty within the organization.
This can be done by offering constant support and communication to impacted members of different project teams. Develop a system that measures the effectiveness of feedback and identifies areas where resistance towards change is observed and where changes are well accepted in the organization.
Enable and increase the adoption of remote demonstrations, coaching and constant improvement using collaborative tools
Understand The Way Employees Are Impacted
It has also been noticed that in the present times a lot of project plans are centred around technology instead of being focused on processes and people. Looking at history, it has been evident that by safeguarding telecommunications, servers, broadband networks, and data, organizations can keep operating safely and securely. In this pandemic, besides the above tasks, it is also required that the organizations should aim to establish a connection among people and leverage simplification skills to enforce communications.

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In the organization change management agenda, best practice procedures and methods should be in place for the determination of the effect of the change on investors, and the ways to manage this effect to guarantee effectiveness. This agenda aids in managing the various challenges faced by employees along with the new methods that enable them to remain creative on the job.
As in lockdown, social distancing has been promoted everywhere. In such a scenario, targeted communications can assist in addressing challenges related to it. A remote environment is preferred to manage conference calls and virtual meetings as it prevents any possibility of social gathering and the spread of coronavirus among employees. It is required to implement a communication strategy that moves employees into a virtual environment that they have not been habitual of.
Training should be provided to employees to make them aware of the techniques, and tools to work in a virtual/remote environment and maintain a connection with managers, and team members.
To ensure that workers remain focused and productive at the time of uncertainty, it is required to specify guidelines for virtual work. You may come across the issue that certain employees have not attended or participated in any virtual meetings in their service and so they don’t know how to use the virtual technology and collaboration tools confidently, efficiently and correctly.
In this scenario, it is required that employees should not resist change, and should be willing to learn new technologies to ensure safe and continuous operation in the extraordinary times of the COVID 19 pandemic. As the head of the organization, you need to provide arrangements for offering virtual team development and management training to assist your workforce to learn this new means of working and use it productively in the business.

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Sail Through The Present And Simultaneously Plan For The Future
To ensure business continuity, an organization would require to make contingency packages to assist in interacting with their team members effectively. They should have set procedures in place to sail through the change management.
Ensure that this program should be adaptable not just in the short-term but can be easily carried out in the longer term as well. This people-focused change management plan should develop behavioural changes within employees across all departments.
The remote association and self-management skills that the employees are learning now, should give them the necessary strength and courage to cope with any crisis beyond this present coronavirus pandemic.
Cooperation Between Process, Technology, And People
Another important development that an organization requires is not on the infrastructure or technology level but on the individual level. It should make strategies and policies that help in the best management of the people and the teams and equip them with the correct tools to succeed.
Cater to the needs of people who are largely impacted by change while evolving the operations of your organization. This way, an organization can help in developing stronger commitment and momentum, lower shareholder resistance, and improve the implementation speed. The changes that you have successfully performed will endure transformation in the long term.

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What Is Expected To Happen Soon To Beat COVID 19 Crisis?
Extending debt cessation can be important for the Pacific. One of the ways by which it can be done is by extending the time limit of the G20 measures. Constant assistance is needed to uncomplicate the setbacks faced by the COVID 19 epidemic. Another way is to widen the bilateral debt cessation to multilateral as well as private-sector creditors.
The International Monetary Fund has a total lending capacity of a trillion dollars. It can also expand the total fund available within its quick funding windows. A straightforward means for the IMF to procure more funds is to considerably expand the maximum funds available within its financing windows.
The IMF can also issue Special Drawing Rights and offer more grants and additional loans to ease the global economic situation. This strategy has been approved by several prominent figures except for the United States, to date.
Change and change management is inevitable to effectively deal with the COVID-19 catastrophe. Accepting the present situation and learning new ways of operation will help you navigate through the tough time. We should bring necessary developments in our living style and work culture to survive this pandemic. The above suggestions are some of the best ways to implement changes at the organizational and national levels to beat the COVID 19 crisis.

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