ITC571 – Emerging Technologies and Innovation

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ITC571 - Emerging Technologies and Innovation
For the Group OPTION: The Capstone Seminar is submitted by the group as a group seminar.
  1. Project Closure: Final Blog Entry and Evaluation of the Value of the Project Documentation (10%)
    1. The purpose of this assessment is to produce a discussion that will be supported by and include your literature review with references from respected sources from Assessment Item 2.
    2. your references in APA style (
    3. Ensure that the Project Blog by you is your own work and has not been submitted elsewhere and complies with the University’s requirements for academic integrity.
  2. Present a Capstone Project Seminar (30%).
    1. The time has been deliberately limited to 10 minutes to force you into selecting the most appropriate subset of information to present for this situation and you will be heavily penalised if you take more than 15 minutes.
    2. NOTE: If doing a video presentation (YouTube, Vimeo etc) then try to halve the time for the online audience. (Question time does not count as part of the presentation time.)
    3. This seminar can be to a live class of peers or online as a video presentation, outlining the results of your Capstone Project.
    4. The seminar should be accompanied by appropriate audio/visual tools such as a set of presentation slides or examples of hardware/software/systems that are necessary for the audience to understand and follow your presentation.
    5. You may be asked questions from the audience after your presentation.
    6. Please ask your local supervisor for the date, time or the URL of the Online Video you will be presenting. Presenting a seminar also demonstrates that you have understood the project work that has been carried out.
Project Blog for Weekly Progress Reports
Value: 10%
Due date: 30-Jan-
Return date: – 03-FEB-
Submission method options
Interact2 Discussion Board
Project Blog and Weekly Progress Reporting
  1. Set up and develop your Project Blog as required for this task and later assessment task. The blog will store entries made by you throughout the subject to document the project stages and milestones, seminar notes and other important notes. Your local lecturer may advise on a suitable alternative process if studying on-campus.
  2. You can use CSU’s Thinkspace site at (use your CSU Login ID) or a blog site of your own choice. CSU Thinkspace is recommended or else WordPress, Google’s Blogger ( are common blogging systems, but you may have your own favourite site to use.
  3. Choose and develop a limited blogger profile and enter a suitable TITLE for your blog (e.g. Joe’s Wireless Technology Project) – not your full name. For WEB ADDRESS – use your student number as your account name (URL) or other unique identifier.
  4. Make a first post – a short introduction about you and the project – remember to save, then Publish the blog entry. Check with a friend or family member to ensure that he/she can see your first posting. This is also to check you have the right URL to include in this proposal and plan for your project.
  5. Post a copy of the BLOG address to to the DISCUSSION FORUM to share with others and to demonstrate that you are underway in the subject.
  6. For each week from Week 2 to Week 12 inclusive, add a blog post for each Weekly Progress Report as described below.
Weekly Progress Reports
  1. From Weeks 2 to 12 in the Schedule, you are required to Submit/Bring or Present a Weekly Progress Report on your Capstone project.
  2. The Weekly Reports will follow the plan you make in Assessment Item 2 Project Proposal and Plan.
  3. The format will be described by the local lecturer as student are studying in various learning modes either in weekly classes or online weekly (on Project Blog) via Online Study mode.
  4. The template below can be modified for use:
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