Kenya Airways

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There is the problem at Kenya Airways described in this case? And what people, organizations, and technology factors contributed to this problem?

Kenya Airways has been having problems with capitalization on its market opportunities because it lacked proper knowledge of its customers. The airline company failed in monitoring and measuring its campaigns. Integrating the data of its customers into the system was a bit tricky since all the data was stored in different repositories such as files and spreadsheets.



People in Kenya Airways lacked modern information’s about how the airline should operate and thus never complained of the old system that the airline company was using. People are required to provide feedback to the airline for services rendered, meaning this person never provided any negative feedback to highlight the problems they faced with the airline services.


The organization running the airline lacked proper channels of communicating with its customers. Tracking its marketing advertisements and email campaigns proved tricky to the organization rendering poor services as seen from the case. The organization lacked a proper relationship with its customers hence they did not get accurate feedback on customer views about the services.


The Kenyan Airline company lacked a tracking system that could reveal the activities of how the company was being run. They lacked a system that could handle all customer activities online and keep up with customer data. The airline company also needed their sales, invoices, payrolls and employee records tracked to provide accurate information of how things are. Since the company has been using an old system, it could not make high-level decisions on behalf of the company. The company also used inaccurate technology, which was not accurate, reliable and timely hence the information that the company collected was not trustable.

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What was the relationship of customer relationship management to Kenya Airway’s business performance and business strategy?

Kenya Airways company was not able to capitalize on its market opportunities because it lacked essential information about its customers. Initially, the company was doing its advertisements on billboards, newspapers and flyer and had no way to measure how effective their campaigns are. This made it hard for the company to know who clicked on their emails and what feedback they left. The relationship between Kenya Airways’ business and business strategy was not good because customers data were stored on many repositories. This made it hard for the company to identify its customer’s preferences, special needs and any other personal characteristics

Describe Kenya Airway’s solution to its problem. All people organization and technology issues had to be addressed by the solution?

Kenya Airways found a solution to its problems when they initiated a multiyear program that could automate and integrate all customer data which helped them engage in an effective relationship with its customers using data, sales oracle marketing and service clouds. The oracle marketing gave customers an opportunity to interact and connect firms marketing data hence becoming easier to analyze their performance progress.



The airline will make informed decisions through the reports provided by the new technology. Handling of customers’ data and other activities in the company will be easy and efficient with the use of the new technology. Accounting functions will be handled efficiently and quickly with the use of Oracle marketing cloud where the tracking of sales, invoicing, employee records and payroll will be simple tasks that do not require complex training.


The relationship between the airline and its customers improved with the new technology.


Global marketing opportunities would be easier to track as the new technology recorded every click on its email campaigns by its customers. The new technology would allow the airline to efficiently store and handle customer data in an organized manner.

How effective was this solution? By which did it affect the way Kenya Airways ran its business and its business performance?


The solution was a success and the company were able to automate its marketing campaigns that directed special events and season fares to its customers. The marketing team were able to skillfully track revenue flow. New sources of data could be identified easily hence the company was able to direct its advertisements effectively. The contacts that could be reached by airline increased from 40 % to 89%. Open rates on marketing rose from 40% to 65% and the respondent’s rate shot by 20%.

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