King Arthur

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Myths, legends, riddles, and historical stories have always been part of our societies and generally human nature. However, they are vulnerable to misinterpretation, and most of them have been twisted. King Arthur’s legend is one of the tales that has existed for a long time, and in modern society, the story is affected by various twists. The tale contains human elements that individuals in modern society can associate and relate with, such as love, bravery, and loyalty.  Scholars have studied the legend for many years, but there is no valid or archaeological evidence to support that King Arthur was a real person. Despite the lack of evidence on King Arthur’s tales, it is vital to believe in them because of their significance on moral ideals and cultural identity. 


In modern society, people like to reflect on the past and its significance on morals and cultural identity, such as those in King Arthur’s tales. When audiences continue to believe in King Arthur’s tales, they can relate the various morals in the legend with their daily lives. Over the years, the legends of King Arthur have incorporated the importance of loyalty to family and friends and moral integrity. It also states the importance of abiding by the rules and defending the poor or weak (Radulescu, 2017). This is useful in society because it assures individuals that it is good to observe morals, virtues, and values. Humans in history have always been seeking to find meaning in various things. Through legends and myths, various culture-based meanings and aspects have been narrated from generation to generation (Berk, 2015). Therefore, with the lack of myths and tales such as King Arthur, it isn’t easy to understand our cultures and identity in society.

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Despite the lack of evidence on King Arthur’s tales, it is essential to believe in them because of its significance on moral ideals and cultural identity. The King Arthur legend is vital in our society because it assures individuals that it is crucial to believe in morals such as loyalty and virtues. The Arthurian legend is also essential because of its cultural identity and ideals. Despite the twists on the Arthurian Legend, the tales will always be critical and popular in society, especially those associated with it.

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