Kitchen Hand Turnover in Restaurant in Sydney, Causses, Effects and Solutions

Posted on September 15, 2022 by Cheapest Assignment

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LLH201 Legal Research – Semester

Project Summary (max. 100 words):

Employee turnover can be described as a rate at which employees leave work as a result of termination of contract between employer and the employees. This is not a good sign in any business. High costs and lower efficiency will be resulted by this. So, by finding out the reasons behind such turnover, especially in Sydney’s kitchen, my project will look for certain solution to keep this trend in minimal level. So, in summary finding cause, effects and solutions of kitchen hand turnover in Sydney’s kitchen is the main aim of my project.

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If the project is to be undertaken by a postgraduate student, then the Academic Supervisor must be the Chief Investigator. All correspondence will be addressed to the Chief Investigator. The Chief Investigator is responsible for ensuring that Student Investigator is fully informed of communications from the Ethics Committee.

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