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Human Resource (HR) is defined as an organizational function which deals with the employees within the organization. Human resource is also at times known as Human Resource Management (HRM). HRM refers to the management of the employees of an organization by the senior officials.

Employees from an integral part of any organization as they make a great contribution to the infrastructure of the organization regarding production and distribution. A focused approach is required to maintain the human resources in a firm so that the best is achieved. Every individual in an organization has different needs and goals.

Human resource management requires an understanding of these needs and goals and then making a plan as to how to these elements will help to achieve the goals of the organization. It means that you will have to express your views at the workplace and guide the employees to use their knowledge to achieve the objective of the organization.

Many students find it difficult to write a human resource related assignment as it involves different facets of human resources. To write a good human resource management assignment, you need to know certain basic knowledge and the practices involved in the process of human resource management.

The primary practices of Human Resource Management

To meet the business goal and objectives, it is important to manage the valuable resources. The human resource or HR department takes care of this and performs certain functions. You need to know the functions/practices that are carried out by the Human Resource department to begin writing your assignment.

  1. 1. Recruitment:

    This is the important step where the organization carries out the selection or recruitment process of the candidates. In this step, you will know how an organization, mainly the senior official, conducts the selection process and identify the strong and weak performers.

  2. 2. Workforce planning policy:

    The HR department later starts with workforce planning in which discussions are carried out on what type of workforce and skills are required from the selected candidate.

  3. 3. Remuneration:

    In this stage, the salary or the pay of the employee is discussed.

  4. 4. Job analysis:

    This is one of the most important activities of the HR department. In this, the job description, choice of the right candidate and career planning is analyzed.

  5. 5. Training and development:

    The employees are transformed from type ‘B’ grade to type ‘A’ grade via training and development. The HR team converts the weak employees into competent employees and the existing competent employees to indispensable employees.

  6. 6. Relation management:

    In this, you will understand how the HR team manages to maintain a cordial relationship with the employee for a smooth workflow.

  7. 7. Change management:

    The HR department has to come up with new plans and ideas for progress. The HR department figures out strategic ways to overcome the challenges and adapt to new opportunities.

  8. 8. Adaptability:

    In this step, the HRM department looks into ways to help the new employees adapt to the new policies or the new workplace surrounding. It involves making the employee comfortable in the workplace and making him/her know the new jobs, the pay, benefit programs, the company policies, and rules, etc.

  9. 9. Performance appraisal:

    The HR department should follow the process and techniques to evaluate the performance of an employee to initiate the performance appraisal process. Apart from promotion or increase in the pay, the feedbacks and comments from the employees are also received from the employees during the performance appraisal process.

  10. 10. Record-Keeping:

    This is the oldest practice/function that you will see most of the HRM department following in an organization. The record-keeping process involves documentation, maintaining files and information related to the employees for various purposes like to check the working hours, pay hike, absenteeism, employment history, etc.

Major Human Resource Management Branches

After you know the functions and practices followed by the HRM department, it is important to know the branches of human resource management that you can cover while writing your HRM assignment:

  1. 1. Employee Relations:

    This is the most common area where the students get questions in exams and assignments. Maintaining employee relation forms the foundation for retaining employees in the organization. As discussed earlier also relation management by the HR team helps the organization to progress with smooth workflow. Record keeping function also plays an important role in employee relation as based on the records the HR department understands the performance of the employee.

  2. 2. Well-being:

    The majority of the companies now offer insurance plans to the employees to keep them safe and safe. The companies may also organize health and safety measure sessions for the well-being of the employees. Most of the professors evaluate the assignment based on the scenario that you will provide that will explain the measures necessary to support the health and safety of the employees.

  3. 3. Equality in Human Resource:

    You should know that a good HR department will never differentiate between the employees based on nationality, color, race, or any other aspect. It is the responsibility of the department to consider and treat all the employees equally, without being bias.

  4. 4. Employment law:

    The HR unit must provide the newly appointed recruit with a joining letter and all the conditions and undertakings. If you are an HR management student, then you must learn this practice as this will prove to be beneficial for you in the future.

The change in the role of Human Resource Management

As you might have known by now, HRM forms an integral part of an organization to ensure that the people have proper tools to deal with all types of organizational issues. The main areas that the HRM deals with are recruitment, managing performance of the employees, wellness and safety, development of the organization and many others.

In simple words, HRM is a vital approach taken up by the organization to manage its people, environment, and culture. It enables the employees to contribute towards the progress of the organization by achieving the goals and objectives. This is the traditional description of the responsibilities that an HRM follows in an organization.

But lately, there are certain major turns that the HRM has taken from the traditional concept in the last few decades. Now, there are more responsibilities on an HR manager or the entire department. Earlier, the main focus of the HR personnel was to handle transactional roles, but now the personnel is expected to add more value to utilize the employees’ potentials.

This change is mainly because there is increased competition in the modern world and the employees are considered as the valuable resource in many companies. The employers now believe that the only way to keep the organization running is through skilled and nurtured workforce.

What all you should include in your HR assignment to get a good grade?

After knowing the functions and changing scenario of HRM in today’s world, you now need to know certain steps which are involved in writing an excellent HR assignment to grab good grades. You need to include the following steps in your HR assignment:

  • It is important that you choose the right topic, to begin with, your assignment. A topic forms the first step involved in an assignment.
  • Do an in-depth research followed by a strong analysis of the subject/topic that you have chosen.
  • You must write an authentic assignment with enough pieces of evidence to support your writing.
  • Consider taking the help of relevant resources while you compose your assignment that will help you to know more about the past events related to the subject.
  • Conclude the assignment with what you have understood and given recommendations and suggestions that you have derived from the research.

The subtopics that are covered in an HR assignment

Some important sub-topics that you will encounter while writing the HR assignment are:

  • 1. Personal Management:

    This involves business case development and direct employee-related HR system.  It is the aspect of management related to the manpower and its relations with the organization.

  • 2. Strategic Management:

    This involves an advanced level of workforce planning and HR business metrics and operations.

  • 3. Job evaluation:

    Job evaluation or job analysis means the administration task for the HR partners. These involve HR services with proven strategies.

The common issues faced while writing HR assignment

Both graduate and undergraduate students face issues while writing a Human Resource Management assignment. You will have to deliver impressive quality work to that professor to match to his/her expectations. Here are the major issues that most of the students face during human resource management assignment writing that should be avoided:

  • The students need to abide by the guidelines and write relevant information in the article without any plagiarism.
  • The assignment should be cross-checked. Most of the students do not review and cross check after writing the assignment which often results in errors and mistakes and low grades.
  • Don’t get confused while choosing a topic for the assignment. First be sure and then choose the topic, research and start with the writing.
  • Properly place all the points in the assignment so that you do not miss anything important. Review your references and notes so that the information you want to explain is put across properly.
  • Most students try and finish the assignment in a hurry as the submission date comes nearer. Don’t rush and finish the assignment just because the deadline is near. Take your time and complete the assignment so that you don’t end up getting poor quality work.

These points and suggestions can be useful to you while you begin with your HR assignment. Try to avoid any unnecessary error and score well in your assignment.

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