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The poem that has been selected for analysis is “Italian Sonnet” by James DeFord. This poem has been selected because it is a simple yet meaningful piece that has significant emotions and feelings attached to it. The theme and structure of the poetry have been highlighted below. The difficulty associated with “love” is the main subject of poetry (, 2017). 


DeFord has used a distinct theme in the poetry which showcases the losing love.  The poetic theme is not obscure since the poet clearly talks about his undying love for someone. He is seen begging the person to not leave him and stay with him so that the love will not come to an end. The very first line of the poem “Turn back the heart you’ve turned away” distinctly highlights the sadness in him for the lost love. Hence the main idea is about the love that has faded between two individuals (Analysing Poetry, 2017). 

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In the particular octave, DeFord is stating his emotions about the love that he has for the girl. Only fourteen lines make up the entire poem but it is enough to highlight his undying love for her. His desperation can be observed by the readers through the simple form and structure of his poetry. The piece is quite short and it entirely focuses on the love and the sadness in the poet’s heart (amandawm, 2017). 

Literary Technique 

The language used by DeFord is understandable because the readers can see the depressed and lonely self of the writer (Analysing Poetry, 2017). The simple story where he asks the girl to give him one more chance and return to him helps the readers to view the vulnerable state of the writer. The simple literary technique that has been used by him helps the readers to have a closer association with the piece. 


The song that has been chosen for analysis is “Animal” by Neon Trees. This particular piece has been selected since it talks about a variety of emotions that people go through when people are in love (SongMeanings, 2017). 


Trees basically explain various emotions such as happiness, insecurity, excitement, etc that people experience when they are in love. He compares them with that of animals because such emotions are his natural instincts (, 2017). Hence the work basically revolves around his love and his emotions which evoke different kinds of emotional responses in the listeners. 


The structure of the song has been kept simple by Trees because the various emotions that he experiences can be captured by the audience. He has very efficaciously compared his emotions with that of animals so that his anxiousness, excitement, and fear can be absolutely portrayed to the listeners. The rhythmic melody of the lyrics adds to the emotions and helps the listeners to experience various emotions along with the singer. 

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Literary Technique 

The language that has been used by Trees is understandable because the readers can understand the fact that he wants to be more than just friends with the subject. The line “I kinda wanna be more than friends,
So take it easy on me…” clearly communicates this meaning. In the initial part, his anxiousness can be felt by the listeners (, 2017). 


The poem and the song that has been selected deal with love. They are similar to a certain degree because the writer and singer in the respective pieces try to showcase their emotions and feelings. Both of them have addressed their work to the ones they love. In the poem, the feelings like desperation are seen while in the song natural instincts like happiness and anxiety are observed. Both the pieces adopt different kinds of approaches towards love and related feelings.

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