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A201EXQ - Resilience and Community Development

Assessment Task 1

1. Scenario review

Fast Track Couriers Pty Ltd is an Courier organization operating in New South Wales for the past 15 years. They are looking to expand their organization in different parts of the country. The organization includes General manager (GM), Chief financial officer (CFO), Accountant, 20 truck drivers, Office team manager and 5 office team members. The office hours extend from 9 to 5 pm and the truck drivers report to the office at that time. Their individual salary ranges from $32,000 to $75,000 per annum and the office team generally consists of female members with varying age groups. The truck drivers are males ranging from the age group of 25 to 65 and experience a large number of work injuries due to the continuous lifting of the heavy substances. There are various types of issues associated with the organization. The truck drivers want an immediate raise in their pay-scale demanding the current pay to be not enough. Moreover, the drivers are extremely orthodox with respect to their work. They keep on disapproving any new plans and procedures which might enhance the overall profit of the organization. They were also against the policy of maintaining an appropriate pick up and drop up records as they thought the company did not trust them enough. According to Leopold (2019), the organization can therefore take some important steps for the purpose of understanding the divers regarding the implementation of the new rules and technologies so that they can agree as well as provide essential perspectives with respect to their benefits and problems faced by them.

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2. Report on changes required

The organization faces different issues regarding various aspects and domains which can be solved by implementing several important steps and procedures via approving the involvement of different steps, policies and technologies.

  • One of the main objectives of the organization is to enhance their metropolitan area so that their market share enhances by a satisfactory 7.5%. The organization is taking up the steps of including new trucks to expand their business market up-to a certain extent.
  • The company also wants to develop an integrated approach towards distribution management. For this reason, the organization is in requirement of setting up new techniques and technologies involving the PDA device and GPA of their courier trucks.
  • Maintaining a cohesive and well motivated workforce is also one of the aims of the courier service. As per Cippitani (2018), they can take up various essential factors such as the implementation of workplace related activities, considering the requirements of the organization employees and encouraging them to maintain a detailed team bonding in order to improve their workplace environment.
  • Another issue that the employees, especially the truck drivers, are facing due to the loading and unloading of the heavy objects is the workplace injury. The drivers and the helpers are often injuring themselves which is forcing the organization to pay a certain sum of money for the compensation purpose. The organization thereby has planned the installation of a new automatic lift gate which would effectively diminish the injury of the truck drivers.
  • The truck drivers are a bit orthodox with respect to their working system and patterns and therefore prefer a two man driver team. However, the organization requires the surplus drivers for expanding their courier services. The higher authorities need to discuss the fact with their drivers in order to utilize the surplus drivers in a much profitable way.

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3. Analysis of existing organizational practices and policies

The organization has taken up the task of various policies, practices and strategic goals for the implementation of the important aims and objectives within a limited time period. The organization has also taken up the procedure of alteration of their respective goals and achievements in order to secure the implementation of the objectives in a less haphazard pattern. As stated by Anshari & Sumardi (2020), the organization can incorporate various changes within its respective policies for the implementation of the change patterns associated with the growth and development of the company.

a. Changes are generally required with respect to the truck drivers. The other aspects of the organization are satisfactory as per as the goals and achievements are concerned, the only objective associated with the sales department is to effectively enhance the market value by 7.5%. However, the truck drivers are facing various problems as well as difficulties due to their differences with the organization. The main policy which the company can incorporate is the The Worker Safety Policy, the employees and labourers working under an organization are the responsibility of the organization itself and thereby the company has all the right to implement a policy regarding the safety of their workers. The truck drivers associated with the organization often receive serious injuries due to the lifting of heavy materials. Establishment of an automatic lifting machine can ease up the opportunity to fix the problem as technology is involved in this case instead of human labour.

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b. Incorporating this change can effectively reduce the amount of injuries received by the labours while lifting up the heavy objects. Moreover, two drivers were allotted for each truck due to the heavy lifting procedure. However, solving this problem does not leave with any reason to allot two drivers in a single truck. Therefore the company can implement the surplus employees for driving new trucks in order to extend their business.

4. Review of the organization’s current state

The organization at present is undergoing various procedures which involves the incorporation of various effective procedures which are directly associated with the success of the company. However, there are certain policies and practices being followed by the organization that are causing hindrance in achieving their aims and objectives upto a certain extent. The organization possesses differences with some of their employees especially the truck drivers who are in charge of transferring the couriers from one place to another. One of the main aims and objectives of the organization is to maintain a cooperating relationship with their employees in order to create a healthy working environment which is not getting fulfilled. Moreover, the drivers are also against the incorporation of new technologies which is causing the overall organization to suffer. As opined by Galanis (2020), these policies and procedures are gradually diminishing the profit of the company with the progress of time.

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5. Review of organization’s performance

Fast Track Couriers Pty Ltd is an Australia based courier service organization which has its origin based in Sydney, Australia. The organization often undergoes performances which hampers the growth and development of various aspects of the company.

People: The main objective of the organization is to maintain a cordial bond with each and every one of their employees. However, the current procedures and policies are leading up to a negative impact which is hampering this relationship. The workers, especially the truck drivers are not agreeing with the decision of the company which is creating problematic situations.

Process: The business aim of the company is to achieve a 7.5% increase in the overall market share, but the dispute with the drivers and the other employees are causing difficulties in the pathway of escalating their profit margin.

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Technology: The courier company is thinking of incorporating various new technologies such as GPS drivers and automatic heavy lifting machineries for diminishing the risk factors associated with the employees. The employees on the other hand are not willing to include the new technologies into their respective job.

Structure: The overall structure of the organization is facing a tremendous back lag due to the lack of the presence of proper employee collaboration and the absence of essential technologies and devices.

6. Monitoring of the external trends

a. The organization is in the need of establishing various in order to support its growth and development with the progress of time. There are various external trends which the organization have been following in order to achieve their individual aims and goals. The two main trends which are directly related to the growth and development of the organization are:

Globalization: The main aim and objective of the organization is to extend their business outside their respective state and even outside the country. The phenomenon of globalisation can help a lot in this procedure. As per Mikalauskiene et al. (2016), it can lead to a high amount of economic interdependence with the organizations situated in the other parts of the world which are also searching for effective collaborators. Collaborating with countries belonging from other states and countries can effectively boost up the courier company by advertising their names and increasing their demands among the others.

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Diversity: Along with globalisation, another eternal factor that can influence the success of the organization in a positive way can be stated as diversity. Garcia et al. (2017), stated that people belonging from different parts of the world are different and therefore possess a huge variety in their respective demands and requirements from a particular organization. Keeping in mind this simple fact can help the company to grow a lot in its near future.

b. Following the trends of globalisation and diversity can help the organization to successfully reach the global market and make a worldwide impact among the common people. Keeping in mind the features associated with diversity can make every customer feel special and thereby attract the attention of the customers.

7. Identification of required major operational change

a. Operational change is generally identified as the changes or modification that a particular organization has to undergo in order to identify the scope associated with its further growth and development (Lasaponara, Elfadaly & Attia, 2016). The Fast Track Couriers Pty Ltd also requires the implementation of the above stated external market trends such as globalization and maintaining diversity in order to incorporate a specific profit percentage.

b. Business opportunities tend to change along with the change in the market position and demands. A massive change in the business opportunities can create an organization to lack in their respective profit margin and thereby increase the risks associated with the particular business.

c. There are various threats as well which are directly related to the organization which can visibly reduce the opportunity to lower the ability and the tendency of taking risks. Decrease in the risk taking abilities also diminish the success rate up to a certain extent.

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d. The management and the higher authorities also implement various decisions on the organization for its growth and development. The positive decision visibly enhances the profit margin of the organization, on the other hand negative decision can leave a certain impact causing hindrance in its development.

8. Assistance regarding change needs

a. Assistance of various experts can be required by the organization in order to promote their companies  growth and development with the progress of time. The specialists or experts who can help to promote the current circumstance of the organization can be stated as:

HR Expert: HR experts have the ability to provide assistance in establishing a collaborative relationship with the employees with respect to their team bondings and performances. According to Mansor et al. (2018), it can minimise the amount of time required to complete an event and also improve the quality of the work done.

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Market forecasters: The market forecasters are the people who tally and analyse the market and provide required data to the organization regarding the business which can successfully create positive impacts on their business. 

b. SCOPE Planning Model

One of the most important models which can be associated with the marketing strategy in the business industry is the SCOPE Planning Model. As stated by Mertens et al.. (2020), this model analyses the four most important core competencies of a business namely, situation, expectation, prospect and obstacle. Analysing all these competencies accordingly can help the organization to attain a higher profit margin within the business market.

9. Consultation with accessors

Here, the assessor is identified as the market forecaster who can analyse the business market accurately and thereby provide inputs with respect to the requirements of the organization. The assessor also provides a brief idea about forecasting the further situation of the business organization and therefore provides assistance in managing the marketing and sales  part of the courier company. After consultation with the assessor, several change management requirements and opportunities were gradually identified implementation of which factors can positively lead to the growth and development of the organization which can further help to incur a higher amount of the profit percentage. The change management requirements can be briefly depicted as follows:

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  • The company need to maintain a healthy relationship with their members. The drivers are especially having several issues with the company and their higher authorities which are again creating hindrance in the proper establishment of a collaborative environment. The management should create a better workplace environment by initiating face to face discussion with their employees and make them understand the company’s requirements.
  • The Drivers are willing to maintain an age-old orthodox pattern of maintaining two drivers per truck for the ease of lifting and transferring the heavy materials. The organization should also make the drivers understand the benefits associated with the implementation of technologies with respect to both health and financial aspects.

The opportunities which can gradually arise de to the incorporation of the change managements can be identified as:

The change management includes the involvement of new techniques and technologies which gradually lead to the enhancement of the profit margin. Attaching automatic heavy lifting machines at the back of each truck can diminish the requirement of the drivers and the surplus drivers can be utilised for driving other trucks.

Moreover, installation of these machineries can effectively reduce the risk factors associated with the health of the drivers.

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10. Plan for manager’s engagement

There are various important technologies along with strategies and procedures that need to be implemented within the organization for its future growth and development. For the proper implementation of these procedures, some responsibilities are to be distributed among the managers of the organization. The managers who are to be involved in this procedure are, the HR manager, the sales and market manager, the general manager, the office team manager and the stakeholder managers. As stated by Jang, Zheng & Bosselman (2017), the stakeholder managers are directly in charge of establishing and maintaining a good relationship with the people of higher authorities who generally possess a valuable impact on the organization. They also possess the ability of communicating appropriately with the investors to keep them excited in the organization and keep them on board. The stakeholder managers can thereby be associated intimately in order to analyse and review the change requirements of the company. 

People to whom stakeholder managers can be engaged Time when the managers can be engaged Ways of stakeholder manager’s engagement
Government The stakeholder managers can approach to the government when the organization is about to deal with foreign companies The stakeholder managers can write officially to the government representatives
Non governmental organizations (NGOs) The stakeholder employees can react with the NGOs to distribute their business in different parts of the country They can arrange for a meeting, event or conference for discussion purpose
Advertising agencies The advertising agencies can enhance the business by promoting the courier brand The stakeholder managers can successfully engage with the advertising agencies via calls and conferences.

Table 1 (Source: Created by the author)

11. Consultation with the manager

The assessor is identified as the stakeholder manager of Fast Track Couriers Pty Ltd. The organization is currently undergoing some major changes which could be successfully incorporated within the organization in order to create a massive growth and development in its business market. The changes which are identified are all considered to be necessary and can be prioritised according to their requirements.

Assessment 1: Critical Review

  • The organization needs to discuss with their employees regarding the establishment of a collaborative team environment.
  • The organization also needs to discuss with the employees with respect to the implementation of the new technologies. The managers also need to make them understand the benefits of the technology and how they can enhance their salary amount by decreasing their health risks.
  • The advertising agencies can also be provided with the accurate responsibility in order to promote the courier company in online and offline platforms.

12. Report detailing the change requirements

Fast Track Couriers Pty Ltd is an courier organization which is currently undergoing various changes within itself in order to visibly improve and promote their business market, profit margins, employee collaboration, incorporation of new techniques and technologies and many more. The changes required for the visible betterment of the organization can be described as follows:

Promoting the business market: The main aim and objective of the courier organization is to promote and develop their position in the market up to a certain extent. The company has also created an opportunity to garner a massive increase in the Sydney market share by 7.5% along with the progress of time. As opined by Zhang, Lai & Guo (2017), a company can therefore create some changes in their plans and policies to promote their business market.

Enhance profit margins: Another main aim of the organization is to enhance the profit percentage by expanding their business market. A gradual improvement in the business market can easily create an opportunity of escalated profit margin along with the progress of time.

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Employee collaboration: Team bonding and employee collaboration can probably be regarded as one of the most important aspects of estimating the success of an organization. As per Drejer & Østergaard (2017), the employees are to be associated in collaborative teams for increasing the employee engagement as well as the job quality.

Incorporating new technologies: Along with the progress of time, various new techniques and technologies are being implemented within more or less all the organizations for the betterment of their business. The Fast Track Couriers are also involving the incorporation of various technologies which can effectively enhance their production values as well as the safety and security. Inclusion of the GPS devices can help the drivers to foresee the pickup and drop up location. Moreover introducing an automatic lift gate on the back of each truck can reduce the risk of the injury for truck drivers.

These changes altogether can create visible changes for the organization with respect to its profit margins, market values and other aspects. It can also help the organization to attain their pre-planned goals and objectives within a limited period of time

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