Leadership Directly Affects Youth’s Life Development

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Describe Why the Study is Being Conducted Research

The research intends to analyze how leadership impacts youths’ life development directly. In the article, the author evaluates different ways in which youths benefit from leadership, especially enabling them to stay out of trouble, remain mature, and perform excellently in school. According to Pace (2012), youth leadership is an element of youth development that supports young people to establish their ability to assess their capabilities, set goals, and increase their self-esteem. Leadership also helps the youths develop confidence, motivation, and the ability to engage in communal work to bring positive social transformation. Undoubtedly, this research is crucial because it emphasizes the impacts of leadership on
youth development provides a basis for more research on aspects that can improve youth leadership.

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Provide a Brief Overview of Research Related to the Problem

Various researchers have conducted studies related to leadership in youth, and most of them concur that leadership has incredible impacts on young people. Harrison (2018) says that leadership development contributes significantly to young people and their positive development communities. Furthermore, goal-setting, problem-solving, and decision-making are vital skills for contemporary society leaders and success. Concurrently, Pace (2012) agrees that offering leadership training equips youth with excellent time-management skills, interpersonal relationships, conduct effective presentations, and facilitate meetings, all of which are essential life skills that they will carry into adulthood. Importantly, exceptional youth leaders are loyal and self-driven and have good interpersonal skills. Leadership also exposes youth to good morals enabling them to shun unacceptable behaviour. Thus, leadership is vital in youth development, and its importance cannot be over-emphasized.

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Identify and Describe the Key Components, Elements, Aspects, and Concepts of the Problem or
Research Focus

Youth leadership entails young people exercising authority over themselves or others. It allows youth to acquire the skills and knowledge required to lead civic engagements, community activities, and education reform. Some of the youth leadership elements are effective communication, goal-setting, problem-solving, decision-making, and self-awareness. These skills enable young people to exercise maturity in their daily activities. For example, decision-making skills help young people engage in discussions that prompt them to analyze ideas and make informed decisions. Besides, self-awareness helps them to lead their lives according to acceptable standards without defiance. Goal-setting ensures they aim to achieve various objectives and work hard towards attaining them. Effective communication ensures that they can articulate their ideas and communicate them to others to enhance their understanding. Also, problem-solving skills enable the youth to resolve conflict resolution better than violence, enabling them to maintain peace (Harrison, 2018). All the named youth leadership elements are evident that leadership plays a significant role in youth development.

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Provide the Reader with an Understanding of How the Problem Arose and the Specific Context within Which the Problem is Occurring

As earlier discussed in this article, youth leadership is indispensable in ensuring a stable youthful society. According to Harrison (2018), in contemporary society, individuals look upon leaders to direct them in their daily activities. Therefore, developing more societal leaders is among the world’s greatest needs. The problem arose from an observation that most young people who lack leadership skills engage in detrimental activities that could harm their lives and those of others. On the other hand, youth who engage in leadership programs have excellent know-how in dealing with all society members at all levels. They portray a high maturity level and perform better in class because they are self-driven and highly determined. A specific context where youth leadership is needed is the education setup. The majority of the population is young people who require coaching on becoming excellent leaders in their current positions and the future.

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Briefly Introduce the Theoretical Framework and How That Framework Either Supports the Proposed Study or Provides a Theoretical Context for Developing a Research Problem

Undoubtedly, most effective youth programs focus on youth development. In 1994, the United States National Youth Employment Coalition suggested the need for an extensive national youth policy that would result in positive youth development. The program involved leadership advancement opportunities like communal work and peer-centred activities prompting responsibility and other positive social behaviour when students are out of school (Edelman et al., 2004). Since then, many researchers have studied youth leadership and established the youth’s need to engage in empowering programs to become more productive. Youth leadership impacts young people’s social and mental growth.

Describe the Research Methods Planned for the Study

This study’s research methods will include interviews and observation. The researcher will interview individuals who have engaged in youth leadership and those who have not. Educators will also participate in the interviews to provide their views on youth leadership. The researcher will then divide
the group into two- those who have undertaken youth leadership and those who have not, and observe
the difference in their behaviour for a few days.

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Justify the Research Methods Planned for the Study by Providing the Research to Support Your Study

Interviews and observation are excellent research methods to consider when conducting a study.
The researcher chose interviews because they allow for complex questions to be expounded for better understanding and answers. On the other hand, observation allows for excellent accuracy since the researcher concludes the participants’ behaviours (Cohen et al., 2013). Besides, the research methods selected will provide first-hand information to the researcher, eliminating any bias.

Describe Why the Study is Being Conducted

The reason for the study is to emphasize the positive impacts of leadership in youth development. Past research results have shown that leadership is vital for youth development because it impacts them with skills needed to thrive in the contemporary world and achieve their various objective sin lives. This research is also beneficial as it discusses ways in which youths can engage in various leadership programs to advance their social and mental capabilities.

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