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MMK266 - Consumer Behaviour

Executive summary

In the paper, we discuss a leader who guided a group or organization for their success. A good leader is the most important for a good organization. As we know, Mark Zuckerberg is the most successful leader. He founded so many online apps. He created the most famous app Facebook, which is popular with everyone. We discuss his leadership qualities that have changed the meaning of the world and later discuss the leadership theories that have accompanied him to success.

Performance of US dollar since Financial Crisis 2008


Mark Zuckerberg shows an excellent leadership style in real life. He seems, by all accounts, to be a conventional youngster in his twenties. However, he is the world’s most youthful tycoon, with an expected $30 billion fortune. Facebook, a won internet webpage, is the explanation. Imprint set up Facebook when he was an undergrad at Harvard University at 19 years old. In 2004 February, Mr Zuckerberg founded “The Facebook,” and the prominent name ta came from the bits of paper scattered with green beans, profiling understudies, and also the staff., 1,200 Harvard understudies are joined in Inside 24 hours. 

Analyzing the quality of the reader


Effective leadership and effective communication are interwoven. It might be ideal in the event that you had the contact in a variety of ways, from sending information to preparing your family. You ought to likewise have the choice to check out and talk with an expansive extent of people across occupations, social characters, and the sky’s the breaking point from that point (Waris et al., 2018). The quality or the adequacy of correspondence over your effectiveness of communication the achievement of your business technique. Mark Zuckerberg always try to be apologetic and consolatory while having a conversation or while communicating with anyone.

Control Mechanism, Ethics, Police Officer Federal Liability and Impact of Community Policing Ideology 


Being appreciative can make you a predominant leader. Gratefulness can incite higher certainty, lessened misery and disquiet, and incredibly better, that Barely any people regularly state “thank you”, even though by a wide margin most state they’d be restless to turn out more truly for a grateful pioneer (Bateh, 2019). Figure out how to express gratefulness and practice more appreciation in the work environment. It can help you to build good leadership in organizations. Also, the workers will be grateful to you. They will enjoy working with you. This is the most important leadership quality Mark Zuckerberg has, he is very enthusiastic about bringing talents out and this is why the whole world sees his quality of appreciation.


The centrality of honesty should act naturally apparent. Even though it might not be estimated in labourer appraisals, honesty is essential for the individual and the association. It’s especially huge for significant level heads sketching out the association’s course and making endless other basic decisions. Our investigation shows that genuineness might be the reasonable weak side for the association. Guarantee your association reinforces the centrality of reliability to pioneers at various levels. Shows your employee the openness that makes them a better leaders to build a successful organization. Critics say Mark Zuckerberg is not honest and he does not care about honesty since he is a billionaire. But according to him, he mentioned in an interview that he was honest throughout his life as lies always hamper development. Therefore it can be considered that he is an honest man.

Business Law


Compassion is identified with work execution and a basic bit of energetic knowledge and authority adequacy. On that you show more sympathy towards your quick reports, our investigation demonstrates will undoubtedly be viewed as a prevalent performer by your boss. Compassion can be insightful, and despite making you all the more impressive, it will in like manner, improve work for you and everybody around you. Kindness makes you a successful leader in your field. At the point when you treat individuals with compassion, they always remember. You develop individuals who need to work for you, not due to what you do but also your identity.  


Respecting people with respect reliably is the principle of a leader. It will ease strains and battle, make trust, and improve viability. Respect is more than the nonappearance the absence of Respect, and it might have shown up from various perspectives—research how you can build up an environment to respect at work. Extraordinary pioneers must be regarded as practical; however, acquiring that respect requires significant investment and exertion. When representatives respect you, they are bound to work more diligently to achieve a common objective they put stock in. The feeling of significant worth can saturate a worker with certainty and dependability in their work. Mark Zuckerberg is considered an encouraging leader he respects others’ thoughts and this is the reason he is acknowledged globally.

Challenges in Managing Global Team


For specific individuals, “Influence feels like a grimy word. In any case, having the option to persuade individuals through legitimate, enthusiastic, or helpful requests is a segment of being an arousing, successful pioneer. Influence is unique concerning control, and it should be done honestly and straightforwardly (Zuckerberg and King  2018). It requires enthusiastic knowledge and trust-building. The capacity to impact is a fundamental initiative ability. To move is to affect the practices, mentalities, sentiments, and decisions of others. A pioneer’s power to have Influenced others depends on trust; actually, our impact grows with the measure of faith in a relationship. Mark Zuckerberg is a great influencer and this can be evidenced in all his interviews and all his programs where he is the lecturer.

Theories Of Leadership 

 The Great Man Theory

According to this theory, leaders are born to be leaders, and no one can develop themselves into a leader. This statement indicates that a person who wants to be a good leader must have leadership qualities inborn, and he or she cannot acquire it. But the person we are analyzing, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg, is a self-made leader, and he was not a born dealer. He tried hard and developed himself to be a good leader. He has gained leadership qualities by experiencing everything. He has grown from nothing to everything. This experience of the path from nothing to everything made him a good leader.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Network on Business

The Trait Theory

 The Trait Theory is on an elementary level, equivalent to the Great Man Theory. It is clarified different pioneers’ characteristics – both the fruitful and ineffective ones. The theory is used to foresee convincing organizations. Customarily, the perceived credits are stood out from those of potential pioneers to choose their likelihood of driving enough as we know Mr Mark Zuckerberg also dropped out of college. He founded Facebook when he was 19 years old. And after a few days, his work became successful in world worth. And this made him a successful leader(Tardieu, et al, 2020). 

The Behavioral Theory

In Behavioral Theory, the accentuation is on the leader’s specific practices and exercises than their characteristics or characteristics. The speculation suggests that appropriate authority’s the result of numerous scholarly capacities. Individuals need three fundamental abilities to lead their allies – particular, human, and hypothetical aptitudes. Suggest a pioneer’s data on the cycle or system; social skills infer that one can work together with others, while determined capacities engage the pioneer to devise musings for running the affiliation or society productively. The leader Mr Mark Zuckerberg we can see these three essential skills. He specialized in computers from his middle age. And he also can collaborate with others because that makes him a good leader (Cote,  2017).

 The Management Theory

The management theory is spun around the part of oversight, association, and cooperation. These theories consider prizes and disciplines as the reason for leadership activities. This is one of the frequently utilized business approaches, and the advocates of this leadership style use rewards and punishments to motivate employees.

SIS – Accounting System Literature Review

The Relationship Theory

Relationship theories centre around the connection between the leader and followers. This theory discusses the sort of leader who moves and allures, urging their followers to change and turn out to be better at an undertaking. A good leader is commonly motivated by their capacity to show their followers the importance of the performance and the higher great associated with performing it (Hunt and Fitzgerald, 2018.). These leaders are centred around the group’s exhibition and give singular employees the necessary push to arrive at their latent capacity. The relationship between the followers and Mark Zuckerberg is reasonable for connecting and inspiring a good leader.

The Situational Theory

The situational leadership theory does not identify with a particular leader and guarantee the style ideally. The situational theory battles that the perfect type of leader can change her style contingent upon the condition. They might respond to function by requesting, preparing, persuading, taking an interest, assigning, and any way they accept the fundamental. Their adaptability characterizes situational leaders. Mr Mark Zuckerberg never lost his control in any situation. He always handles any situation smoothly with patients, making him a good leader (GORGULU,  2020).

Unemployment in an Emerging Economy


   Mark Zuckerberg is the most talented person who is the founder, chairman, and CEO of Facebook. While other groups of people went to the Harvard University, he became alluded to quickly as they went -to programming study nearby; in light of his endorsement close by, Zuckerberg helped out allies to make a casual correspondence site that allowed Harvard understudies to connect. The site definitively went live in June 2004 under the name “The Facebook; Zuckerberg left school to search after what was at present called Facebook, full-time. The spot showed up at 1,000,000 customers before the finish of 2004. On Oct. 30, 2019, Facebook conveyed Q3 benefits.in September 2019, The association declared to dynamic customers found the middle estimation of 1.62 billion, an extension of year-over-year approx. 9%. Month to month, 2.45 billion customers amounted engaged to, and advancement of 8% year-over-year. on Jan. 30, 2020, the association has a $598 billion market cap.5 Zuckerberg guarantees the holds 60% of projecting polling form rights in the association above the 3 75 million Facebook offers.

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