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The presence of efficient leadership within the organization or any specific team is quite important in achieving any kind of goals or objectives. Thus this paper is formulated to provide a clear understanding of the effectiveness of good leadership. In that context, it can be said that good leadership quality is always an inclusion of deep human qualities that sometimes go beyond various conventional notions of authority (Courtney, et al., 2015).

Therefore it is seen that the leader is placed at the top of the hierarchical system which requires the presence of the attributes like attitudes as well as behaviors which are classified and relay the work in terms of humanity. As per Duke & Thom, for that reason, it can say that the leadership role is based on the fundamental factor of serving whether it is the organization or the people. Thus the paper involves the description of leadership, its role, and the theories associated with it with the help of the description of the feature film based on Coach Carter (2005) (Duke & Thom, 2014).

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Brief Outline of Coach Carter (2005)

The feature film that has been chosen for this paper is Coach Carter. This is a short film which is directed by Thomas Carter and released by Paramount Pictures. The importance of this story is it is based on the true story of coach Ken Carter. According to Karikari, Cobham & Ndams, the movie begins with the scenario that indicates that Coach Carter went to join a part-time job which is quite low-paid. The job role is to coach the basketball team at Richmond High School, California. In that initial period, the boys of that school seemed to be uneducated and quite rebellious which is found to be disrespectful as well as unruly (Karikari, Cobham & Ndams, 2016).

By having this kind of behavior the team always use to lose almost all games in previous sessions. In that phase when the school felt the entry of Carter, the sports team found the establishment of new strict rules. In that case, there have been situations in which they have to maintain a grade of 2.3 points. In that situation, Noon, Blyton & Morrell said that they had to go for attending the classes as well as sit in the front row and the coach has set the rules by that manner in which the boys need to wear jackets along with ties in the games (Noon, Blyton & Morrell, 2013).

Thus gradually with the leadership of Carter, the team developed and won many games. But along with that Carter noticed that the team he made are developing a bad attitude and becoming arrogant as well as taunting.

To get them out of his situation he locked them in the gym and canceled the practices and prepared a team that is tutored by some of the teachers. This part led to the emergence of the conflict between the parents and the school board which resulted in the situation where Carter decided to quit the job and leave. While leaving for packing he found the teachers were tutoring the boys at the gym. Of this action Coach, Carter got heartened and decided to stay back at the job (Odumeru & Ilesanmi, 2015).

In that condition, the situation led to a change in the attributes of the characters like Cruz and Kenyon. Thereafter the team came back to form to play the game but due to lack of practice, they lost the game. Despite their loss, Carter gave the team a good valuable talk regarding the part they have gained in their lives.

By that Carter indicated various accomplishments the team has gained from the tutorials. Thus in that manner, Carter insisted that if they gained such a big amount then at that time this loss should not be considered a loss by any means (Popescul, et al., 2016).

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Description of the Leader’s Character along with the Leadership Style

Leadership is the concept that is based on fundamental serving. It serves the organization or the people in gaining opportunities specifically to acquire the advantage, personal status, and much more attached specifications. In that manner, Pors & Andersen said that leadership is the part that cannot be compared to any other role just because it comprises various unique responsibilities within the organization. Thus leadership can be considered as a matter that engrosses personal conviction as well as belief strongly in fulfilling any particular aim or objective (Pors & Andersen, 2015).

Thus the qualities assessed from the role played by Coach Crater in this play are all the signs of effective leadership. In that context, it can be said that effective leadership will always be the inclusion of the combination of the technical as well as the technological part which in return results in the transformation of attributes and behavior which can be directly related to humanity within the individuals.

For that, leaders must possess some effective qualities that will help them to define their personalities without any difficulty (Quemin, 2013). In this case Coach, Carter possessed some specific characteristics which helped the teachers to show the effective way to teach the lessons to the boys.

There have been long lists of behaviors that a leader should possess such as self-confidence, desire, compassion, direction, dependability, and much more. , the leadership style that Coach Carter possesses is:

Self-Confidence: As per this feature film Coach Carter provided the specification of his ability as well as confidence by which he will be able to believe in himself as well as in his team. This will help him to manage his team in a well-organized manner. Other than that a leader should be of that type who will motivate them by every means and make the individuals reach their goals.

Thus as a good leader Coach, Carter should possess the proper expertise, maturity level, and confidence. It is because he had the vision to bring a better future for the students and make them grow individually (Raczkowski, 2016).

Direction: It is the part that provides direction to individuals in fulfilling any goals. This part specifically enlarges the vision by which the leader can take the team forward. Similarly, the direction is the part that Coach Carter reflected on when he joined the school. His vision was to transform the team so that it should aim high in both studies and sports. Through that vision, he not only provided a goal but also provided them with the steps that will help them to reach the goal (Tyler, 2017).

Compassionate & Sensitivity: The qualities of compassion and sensitivity come out from an individual when that individual contains the proper process to continue effective communication and listening skills. So specifically it will help in providing the proper understanding of the needs as well as the desires of the team. Thus as a leadership Coach, Carter has the specific qualities by which he deals with the team by quite perseverance (Walker, 2015).

He used an excellent standard of communication along with listening skills by which he will be able to put his views forward. Thus with effective communication, the leader can be able to bring motivation to the team members. In that context, Coach Carter is quite determined with his part of being consistent and in that manner; the film has been shown based on the change that has happened within the team.

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Leadership Model

The model that better suits the process which is described in this part is the situational leadership model. This model can be considered the most effective process which is properly utilized and recognized in handling the behavioral sciences. This model is also can be considered an influential tool which is found by Dr. Paul Hersey in the year 1960. His model is formulated that it will help the leaders to provide their influence on others.

This is therefore a specific framework that engrosses the description of the relationship between the leaders and their followers (Warner & Thomas, 2014). Thus, in that case, the framework analyses the proper amount of guidance, the amount of socio-emotional support provided by the leader in any instance, and the amount of readiness by which the followers of the leader can be able to perform a specific task.

Application of the Reviewed Model

According to Raczkowski, the situational model of leadership that has been selected in this part is found to be quite specific and accurate to be applied in the case of the Coach Carter film. It is because it carries out the proper analysis based on the behavioral aspects. Situational leaders provided the maintenance of acute awareness by conducting awareness (Raczkowski, 2016). Based on the model Coach Carter will skilfully influence up, down, and across the organization.

It made the engagement of the teachers in motivating the boys to uplift their behavioral attributes in the long run of life. Thus by the determinant action of Coach Carter and the application of the model, the boys develop a massive change within them which changed their lifestyle, behavior, and personality.

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The paper illustrated the key insights that are focused on within the selected feature film Coach Carter. In that context, the paper involved a detailed description of the leadership qualities along with the styles that the leader should acquire while dealing with the challenges within the organization. Furthermore, the implementation of the model described above will help the leader in enabling the changes within the attributes and behavior of the individuals.


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