Lifelong Learning – The Evolving Future of Higher Education

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The learning process is a lifelong journey that ends once the breath leaves the soul. It applies to the person who has been doing the same job for the past 40 years of his life. He works with the same set of skills but he learns something new every day. If he upgrades his learning, the lifelong journey becomes easy when the world keeps evolving around him. 

Lifelong learning is not restricted to informal learning only, but it is possible to get enrolled in degree and diploma course and achieve new heights in the formal education. The job market is highly demanding and a person who is ready to learn a new set of skills or indulge in further formal schooling can survive every recession. 

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What are the goals of lifelong learning? 

Learning is not only for the money that one can make after skill enrichment but it is for the personal fulfilment in terms of natural curiosity and development. Human growth depends on learning new things for ourselves. 

Lifelong learning outside school means learn to use new gadgets and learn new words from English vocabulary. Also, it can be learning a new language for the sake of residing in a new country for work. 

Learning in formal schools may be a core component initiated by many companies today. The economy is growing at a fast pace and demands the development of the employee at the same rate.  

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Let us read some examples of lifelong learning initiatives that one can engage in:

  •  A new skill like public speaking, computer programming, cooking or embroidery.
  •  Self-taught study like language course, learning and researching history or subscribing to a podcast.
  • A new sports like judo, aerobics, or paragliding or even golf. 
  •  Getting used-to to new technology like new software apps or gadgets. 
  •  New courses like online education or formal classroom degree.

Benefits of taking lifelong initiatives in learning

  •  Improvement in professional life

When a person acquires new skills and knowledge, there is a boost in his confidence and thus, performance. This plays a major role in creating better opportunities on the work front and personal life as well. Higher self-confidence gives a sense of accomplishment also. 

  • Self-motivation 

Learning a new set of skill needs self-motivation to a great deal. Thus, it increases concentration and is inspirational also. This reminds you that you can do things that seem impossible in the first place.  

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  • Relieves boredom

A mundane routine in life makes a person lose all the charm. When a new goal is set or a challenge is laid for learning a new skill, there are some ripples in the calm sea. That means there is some excitement waiting to unfold. It not only relieves the boredom of life but motivates also. So, the person enters a new realm where everything is new and fresh.  

The New goal of Lifelong Learning 

Joining a formal institute for a degree may be a little uncomfortable for adults returning to school. But they have a reason to be in the classroom again. So, with dedication they can conquer this discomfort.

But sometimes it is tiring for professionals to juggle their jobs and the new education model. But there are some options to help them go smoothly with lifelong learning. 

  • One shall opt for an online degree course as the student is not bound to attend the classes and submit assignments.
  • Taking an evening workshop on professional development for promotion.
  • Joining random online courses that you were always interested in. Course and research material is available by the website, so, it is a good start. 

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It is mandatory for the employer and the workforce in an organization to adapt to lifelong learning to be competitive today. They have to choose from a flexible training tenure and timings that suit their schedules.  There are ways to adopt lifelong learning in your life by following some steps like consistency, resilience, and dedication. The universities also agree that there are people from the working class who want to re-enter the education model. 

Thus, the institutions offer many programs to up-skill the working population to do the best in their future. 

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