LT6018ES Strategic Planning for the Hospitality Industry

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Brief about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

A review of Business Strategy theories and its application to hospitality industry

Learning Outcomes Covered:
LO1: Determine and apply the range of appropriate theories, models and conceptual frameworks that can be used to formulate a business strategy
LO2: Interpret and critically assess the internal and external factors affecting organizations operating within the hospitality industry and apply this knowledge to evaluating the organization’s competitive and strategic position
LO3 Generate and evaluate strategic options to account for a range of possible contexts
LO4: Determine the most appropriate way to implement a chosen strategy

LO5: Critically evaluate current and future strategies with regard to their likely effectiveness.

Assignment Scenario:
Students are required to critically review various theories relating to strategic planning and demonstrate their ability to apply these theories to the hospitality industry. The assessment should address the theories relating to each stage of the strategic planning process Assignment Format Guidance • Title page: Title (as above), details of the module, student name and ID number • Table of Contents: All topics with page numbers • Executive summary: A summary of the entire report in one A4 page. • (1) Identify any two theories or models used for Strategic Analysis and discuss its
application to hospitality industry • (2) Identify any two theories used for selecting Strategic Options and discuss its
application to hospitality industry • (3) Identify the factors considered in strategy Implementation and discuss its
application to hospitality industry • (4) Identify any one strategy evaluation mechanism and discuss its application to
hospitality industry • Presentation of report: layout, readability and use of English and references • Referencing: All theories, concepts, models and frameworks must be appropriately referenced using Harvard Referencing.
• Plagiarism: Any act of plagiarism and collusion will be seriously dealt with according to the regulations of the University











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