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DATA4900 - Report: Complexity Science and AI

The assessment for this module is divided into two components, one Formative, the other Summative.


Deadline: Week 6 during seminar activity sessions.


Assessors: Tutor and benchmarker

You are required to investigate a relevant business or management issuein Malaysia that will contribute to existing knowledge. Your research topic MUST be in line with your specialization.

You may undertake your proposed research in Malaysia only or take a comparative perspectivewhich includes a focus on Malaysia.

It is imperative that you complete the following learning outcomes, see below:

Learning Outcomes: Presentation

Investigate a research topic on a business or management issue in Malaysia. Justify the focus of the study and its contribution to the literature.

Compile an appropriate list of literature that demonstrates the complexity of the business of management issue to be investigated.

Develop one research question and three different research objectives, which are clearly stated and relevant to the area of research highlighted in the abstract and based on the review of literature

Purpose of the Presentation

o To educate others about your research topic
o To get feedback/critique from peers before submitting your assessment
o To network with other students who are interested in the same research

Important Instructions

1. You MUST participate in the Presentation and you MUST be on time.
2. After the presentation has taken place,your tutor will give you the completed Formative
Feedbackdocument.This document will form an appendix in your Research Proposal.

Presentation Details

  • The Presentation involves all students, tutor and benchmarker for a total of 20 minutes(10 mins presentation + 10 mins Q & A, Feedback) for each student.You need to prepare a PPT presentation
  • You need to be prepared to explain your research and to answer related questions posed by your tutor, benchmarker and fellow students. Your work will be assessed by your tutor and the benchmarker.


1. Working Title.

Your research topic must be related to a business or managementissuein Malaysia.

2. Background into the proposed research topic [Problem statement]

Justification/Rationale / Significance of the study
Why did you want to investigate this area? Who could benefit from the results?Invest time in explaining a compelling reason for the study rather than just showing past literature that found similar results.
Purpose – Exactly why you want to research this area?

3. One Research question and 3 research objectives

State one research question and three research objectives. The research question and objectives should be
stated clearly and concisely and must be related to the literature review.

4. Academic context
List the top 5 – 10 most important or significant studies or theories. How relevant are the studies or
theories that you have mentioned?

5. References



o Use appropriate grammar and spelling.
o Use phrases instead of sentences as much as possible.
o Use active, not passive, verbs.
o Use bullet points.
o Your presentation should be aesthetically pleasing.
o Use figures, diagrams, graphics, or easy‐to‐read tables to explain/illustrate ideas or findings.
o Images should only be used when they complement/explain the subject matter.
o Avoid background graphics that make the text difficult to read.

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