MA619 – Accounting Research

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Unit 7.3 Strategic Resource Management

c. Demonstrate cognitive, technical and creative research skills to
investigate, analyse and synthesise complex information, problems,
concepts and theories in the accounting discipline.
d. Assess methodologies and choose an appropriate methodology for an
identified research problem.
e. Plan, execute, prepare and present, a substantive research report communicating
research findings with high level personal autonomy and accountability.

Assessment Task Description
This task has two components, and details are appended below: –
1. Presentation (25 marks out the 30) – Each student will have to carry out the following: –
a. Have 30 respondents for their questionnaire.
b. You will need to run your own data on ADANCO to flash out the measurement model and structural model for your respective data file.
c. Each of you will need to prepare 5 slides: –
i. Slide 1 – Convergent Validity & Construct Reliability (3 marks)
ii. Slide 2 – Discriminant Validity (2 Marks)
iii. Slide 3 – The Overall Structural Model (12.5 marks)
iv. Slide 4 – Data Analysis (2.5 Marks)
v. Slide 5 – Recommendations (5 Marks)
d. The Unit Coordinator will ask you questions in relation to the above slides.
e. You will be required to answer specific questions in relation to your knowledge in interpreting the slides.

Your Research Report will have the following Parts:
• Cover Sheet, with your Report Details and your personal information
• Abstract, say 300 words
o Purpose
o Design/ methodology/approach
o Findings
o Research limitations
o Practical implications
o Originality/value
o Keywords:
• Introduction, which introduces your topic, provides a summary of your literature, re-states your research question(s) and describes how you propose to
answer the research questions.
• Literature Review
• Research Question improved or as stated in the Proposal.
• Methodology improved or as stated in the Proposal.
• Data Analysis: data analysed to address the hypotheses and provide descriptive, inferential and extrapolation statistics.
• Recommendations: drawn from your data/information analysed noting any limitations of your data/analysis
• Bibliography: as for your Literature Review BUT including ANY ADDITIONAL references used in the Research Report.
• Appendix: where you have constructed tables, graphs, or extracts from secondary sources, number each item and include in your appendix. (You may
choose to use such items in the body of your Report when such are few)

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