MAN515 – Operations Management

Posted on August 28, 2023 by Cheapest Assignment

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MAN515 - Operations Management

Assessment Title: Challenges to Business Success an Operations Management Focus

Type of Assessment: Written Report (Report Style)

Week & Day Due: Midnight of Friday Week 13

Length 3000 – 4000 words

Value: 50%


This assessment should be written using a report style.

Over recent years, a number of key challenges have become very significant to Operations Managers. Six of these concepts are:

  • Changing Technologies
  • Continued Globalization of markets including 1st and 2nd world entrants.
  • Changing customer expectations
  • Changing job designs
  • Quality management
  • Global manufacturing

Your task is to:

  1. Identify a business you think is interesting and briefly discuss how each of the above challenges might impact that business in the future. (suggested minimum 1200 words)
  2. Choose a minimum of three of the following areas of Operations Management that you think are likely to most impact the success of your chosen business and justify your selection of each. (suggested minimum 2000 words)

o Goods and Service design
o Process Selection, Design and Analysis
o Facility and Work Design
o Supply Chain Design
o Capacity Management
o Managing Inventories
o Resource Management
o Quality Management

NOTE: Your work should:

  1. Help the reader to understand how each concept interrelates with the challenges and
  2. How, if properly applied, they will help any organisation to be more

Assessment criteria

For general assessment criteria refer to the Rubric associated with this assessment. This can be found in the students My Grades area of the MAN515 Learnline site.

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