Management and Business Context

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A business organisation is an individual or group of people that collaborate to achieve certain commercial goals. Some business organisations are formed to earn income for owners. Other business organisations, called nonprofits, are formed for public purposes. This is an individual assessment task in which you will examine critical issues related to business and management contexts. The objective is to gain a greater understanding of the contextual factors internal and external to a business that impact a business organisation and its decision making. 
1.    Describe the organisational structure of the business.
2.    Discuss the external and internal environmental forces that impact the business.
3.    Analyse the risks that currently confront the business organisation.
4.    Describe the business practices decisions that the business should make to enhance organisational performance.
5.    Discuss the most important functions within the business organisation that will assist it to achieve its strategy. 

Assessment Criteria  

A marking rubric expanding on the criteria below will be provided on Moodle.
Students are to demonstrate knowledge of the subject matter by: 

  • Defining key terms and utilising the theories and concepts presented in Topics 1-5.
  • Explaining major internal and external contextual factors and how they affect business structures and strategy.
  • Explaining major internal and external contextual factors and how they affect business decision making.
  • Demonstrating breadth and quality of research by using a minimum of 12-16 academic sources (peer-reviewed journal articles and university level texts do not refer to Wikipedia or general websites and magazines).
  • Correctly using the APA referencing system to cite academic sources in-text and in the reference list.
  • Correctly using the essay structure and using appropriate conventions of academic writing.

Referencing style

American Psychological Association (APA)

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