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Business and Market in Global Environment- Market Report

The only skills modern manager’s needs are human skills. Discuss.  Word limit (2000) Main point

  • You need to find any current journal article (2012) related to that essay topic so ypu can explain that and write an essay with using that artical
  • Describe the essay topic with that journal article. Which is you found
  • All the essay should be made by the rubric criteria which is I include below.



Introduction inclusive of all aspects of an essay introduction i.e. topic area – Brings the focus to the topic of the essay,
Essay purpose – What will the essay do? The essay question is the best place to start, line of reasoning – How will the
essay prove the purpose plan –  A roadmap of the essay

Examples (PS: The above link does not include the line of reasoning) 10% of the word count for the report

Integration of relevant theoretical concepts as well as research from academic sources

Integrates theoretical concepts and research into the essay showing multiple perspectives on the arguments presented critically evaluating the concepts/research


Essay purpose is restated, main arguments in the essay summarized, includes a link back to the ‘big picture’ and does not include any new information

Examples ab/content/conclusion-0 10% of the word count for the report

Quality [1] sources used to good effect in essay.

4+ quality references used outside the text To pass the quality test references should be relevant to the topic, current (no older than 10 years), peer reviewed or from a credible source.

Use and application of APA citation techniques.

A variety of APA citation technique correctly  used and citations present where expected

MacCulloch (1996, p. 386) has suggested …  According to MacCulloch (1996, p. 386) … Anne Bolyn died “with dignity” (MacCulloch, 1996, p. 159).

MacCulloch (1996) argues that . . . . (p.231).

Aristocracy is still alive ( Findlay, 2006, p.51; Nicholas, 2004, p. 17)

First in-text citation:  (Corfield, Read, Nicholls, & Lester, 2007) Subsequent citations:  (Corfield et al., 2007)

Use and application of APA referencing techniques.

APA reference list is as per APA guidelines

Heading should say References Reference list should start on a new page Second line of each reference should be indented MacCulloch, D. (1996). Thomas Cranmer: A life. New Haven: Yale University Press.

Language and grammar

Fluent writing style appropriate to the style of paper. Grammar and spelling accurate. Very considerate to the reader.

Essay presentation guidelines.

Meets all essay presentation guidelines.

Guidelines can be found in the 'assessment information' section in the SO

Working towards the essay – understanding the rubric

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