Management and Organizations in a Global Environment

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Management and Organizations in a Global Environment

Ford and Taylorism:

Executive summary

The topic of Taylorism highlights the work model that is based on the particular application of the scientific management model that helps in the breaking down of specific tasks and actions into multiple sub-tasks to increase the overall production output. It was a very effective working design that was beneficial in the olden time when the ultimate objective was to enhance the output level. But in the current organizational set-up, this model is not applicable in different organizations since the workers are not happy to welcome it because it restricts their ability to learn and develop a skill set. The assignment also deals with the significance and use of linear programming in various business industries.

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The Taylorism model emphasizes increasing the production efficiency of an organization by declining the application of work skills. In the prevailing competitive environment, workers in various parts of the globe including Australia, America, and Europe would not be willing to accept this scientific model since it has limited contribution towards adding value for them. It does not provide the scope to improve the operational skill level and at the same time, there is no gain in the process wisdom (Attfield, 2015). But it can be stated that this work model is useful for specific organizations where the work is repetitive. The aptest Taylorism example is the call centers. In call centers, the agents have to deal with the clients and solve their issues over the telephone. This activity is monotonous since they have to follow a strict telemarketing script, so the Taylorism model can be used as an effective tool to design their scripts while dealing with customers (Axelrod & VanDeveer, 2014).

Even though this scientific process is historic but there are a few industries and business processes around the globe that can use it to perform their operations effectively. Other than call centers that have been discussed earlier the organizations that still adopt the work practice are automobile manufacturers and computer manufacturers since their processes are repetitive (Cerdin & Brewster, 2014).

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Linear Programming

I could understand from the online tutorial video that linear programming can be used to obtain the best and most favorable outcomes like the lowest cost and maximum profit in a model of mathematics whose requirements are specified by the linear relationships existing between them (Stone & Deadrick, 2015).  I also understood that linear programming can be very much applicable to different fields of study. It is most beneficial and used in economics and business. This method of programming is also widely used in resolving some engineering problems. I could also understand that with the application of linear programming, one can easily solve any kind of business problem (Doh & Quigley, 2014).  The limitations and conditions regarding the use and application of linear programming are vital for individual or business organizations to follow.  The key requirement of linear programming is associated with the linear setup of every objective function and constraint which is not always the case in real-life scenarios of business and industrial issues. For applying linear programming to business organizations, a single objective has to be taken into account which is very rare in the dynamic business environment of today’s world (Heizer, 2016). The application of linear programming is very relevant in the optimal allocation of resources like machines, materials, and manpower by a company. I could use linear programming in enabling myself to resolve the issues related to recruitment,  training, selection, and deployment of human resources as these are very important aspects for me being a human resource professional.  Linear programming can be used in the industry of manufacturing where inventory management is a very significant part.  The key function of inventory management is to reduce inventory costs and the limitations regarding demand and space for the products (Kirton & Trebilcock, 2017).  Linear programming techniques can be used to solve this issue. In such scenarios, linear programming can be very useful in decision-making (Morschett, Schramm-Klein & Zentes, 2015).

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Taylorism’s scientific method has come into existence for quite some time and it seems that it will continue to be a part of the functional process of some organizations that emphasize the level of output that is generated by the concern. Various industries can make effective use of the concept of linear programming for having an efficient resolution to various issues.


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