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What are the employees’ perceptions on factors influencing organizational changes and the internal and external factors causing these changes: McDonald case study?

  1. A) The research activity will be carried out to understand the perception of employees relating to the vital internal and external elements that influence organizational changes relating to McDonald’s business. Since in the current marketing scenario there are a number of factors in the overall environment that affect the operations of a firm, this research study is crucial for a management student to identify major elements that bring about organizational changes so that proper strategy can be devised to sustain in the uncertain business environment (Kiptoo &  Mwirigi, 2014). It would basically be exploring various components that alter the functional aspects of concern. This study is expected to capture employees’ perceptions of various influencing factors (Anderson, 2016).
  2. B) A number of publicly available sources will be used as secondary data for the chosen field of research relating to the employees’ perceptions on internal and external factors that influence organizational changes at McDonald’s such as “4 ways McDonald’s is about to change” which was found at, How aligned is your organization? from, etc (Rizescu&Tileag, 2016). The most updated information would be collected from secondary sources on various aspects like leadership. Organizational culture, capability, resource architecture, renovation etc would be covered in the study (Tran &Tian, 2013).
  3. C) The research question that can be answered using the collected secondary data would be: What are the key factors that influence organizational change in McDonald’s in the current business scenario?

The main variables that would be used to answer the research question would include elements like competitive environment, business complexity, customer preference, etc and their impact on the organization. The relationship between the identified elements would be explored (Voiculet et al., 2010).

  1. D) The search terms that would be used in Google Scholar to identify literature in the field of the research question include Organizational change, external environment, internal factors, Organizational alignment. The studies would be limited to 2010 onwards so that the latest information on the market scenarios can be assessed.
  2. E) From the selected journal articles it can be stated that Alexandru Rizescu has identified certain key elements that influence organizational change in her journal titled “Factors influencing continuous organizational change” and the same view has been shared by other writers like Alina Voiculet (2010) and Dr Fred Mugambi Mwirigi (2014) in their respective journal papers titled “The impact of external environment on organizational strategy” and “Factors that influence effective strategic planning process in organizations”. They have identified some of the key elements that operate in the business environment and their impact on organizational change.


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