Management Assignment

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Management Assignment

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Assignment 2 has a word limit of 2000.

The tasks for this assignment relate to the change management plan developed in Assignment Having selected the intended change and provided a context and need for the change, and mapped the process of change and its management, you must now consider financial implications of the change for your facility or health service.

Management Assignment

The following financial aspects of the intended change should be addressed:

  • Resources required for the change and how you will mobilize them (i.e. how you will use the allocated funding and existing or additional human resource (personnel) to implement the change plan).
  • Impact of the change on the ‘bottom line’ (i.e. surplus/profits) and cash flow of the facility or health service in the short and longer term.
  • Any capital investment decisions required as a result of the change and source of funding.
  • Financial risks that may arise from the change and the process to mitigate the causes and effects of those risks.
  • Possible regulatory compliance issues to meet the requirements of government and other regulatory bodies.
  • add the brief summary of the management plan that was done in first assignment

You will need to consider:

  • Theoretical concepts around change management; functions and roles of a health services manager; health services organizations, external environment and any other theoretical concepts relevant to you change management plan.
  • Role of the finance function in strategic and operational management.
  • Application of each of the following to the change management process: cash, operational and capital budgeting; managing short-term resources and obligations; long-term financing; accountability and control factors

Also draw on your experience and knowledge of how to write and present a proposal/plan/report i.e. cover page indicating the title and who the proposal will be submitted to.

Take time to understand Integrated Health Care and Primary Health Care models of care for you to be able to clearly define and justify the needed change.

Use of clear examples from the context which you are referring to for this assignment is critical to demonstrate your understanding and application of management theoretical concepts.


  • Cover page as per Guide to Assignment Presentation (GAP) (Appendix A) including student declaration
  • Clearly stated title on cover page
  • Contents page as per GAP (with correct footer, as per Appendix B of GAP)
  • All pages numbered correctly (starting with page 1 on Introduction page)
  • Appropriate footer (Group Number, due date & page number)
  • Short, appropriate headings and subheadings, correctly numbered and formatted


  • Correct citation style has been consistently used, use APA 6thEdition as the recommended referencing style. Visit the Curtin Library homepage for guidelines on referencing
  • All facts that are not original thought have a citation provided
  • All components of citation are present
  • All components are in the correct order
  • Capitals are correct
  • Punctuation is correct
  • All direct quotes contain page number
  • All tables and graphs correctly cited
  • All citations are referenced in the reference list


  • Correct citation style has been consistently used
  • References appropriate age and where more than 5 years old are justified
  • Credible sources of information used
  • All components of references are present (inc electronic source & access date)
  • All components are in the correct order
  • Punctuation is correct
  • Capitals & italics are correct
  • Alphabetical order & hanging indent is correct
  • All references are cited in the report
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