Management Consultancy

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CRI10002: Fundamentals of Criminology

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Topic -Importance of evaluation in internal change Agency

1.  Management Brief

2.  What is Change

3.  Types of Change

4.  Challenges the company faces during Change – Outline the challenge of staff retention during change and the interference costs involved.

  • Employee Retention (challenge 1)
  • Organization Culture /Challenges (challenge2)

5.  Importance of Strategic Integration

6.  Impact of Strategic Intergartion using Guest Model – Explain how Strategic integration (Guest, 1989) brings together HRM policies; HR outcomes; and organizational outcomes (Use Guest’s diagram in Blyton and Turnbull, 1993: 21)

7.  Indicate how Management by Objectives links organizational objectives; departmental goals; and individual key tasks (Drucker, 1954) and what this means for devising a company strategy to a successful change programme.

8.  Importance of Linking company strategy to Individual Outcomes

9.  Role of a senior Manager

10.  My Plan On How I Will Manage This Change Intervention, The Budget Required, The Cost-Benefit Analysis

11.  Role of Internal Change agent & Developing the role of Agent – Explain how the role of the internal change agent can be crucial in evaluating the link between organizational outcomes and individual development and how you can help develop that role in their organization (address the HRD list here. Consult any of the HR text books such as Torrington Human Resource Management or Mullins Management and Organizational Behaviour for detailed guidance on how to address these aspects and ensuring they are addressed in HR policy, procedure and practice).

12.  Conclusion

Text book

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Additional resources. e-Business practitioner magazine websites that you might find useful:

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