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CL404 Anatomy and Physiology Assignment

Aim: The aim of this assessment is to critically evaluate your organisation (or an organisation you have worked for recently} against two business theories.

Rationale: The intention is to assess your ability to:

  1. Identify and explain key business theories;
  2. Apply key theories to contemporary management practice and challenges;
  3. Evaluate how the theories explain effective business practices; and
  4. Develop solutions for critical management issues in the digital


  1. Describe the nature and scope of the business, including the size of the business, number of employees, structure and functions.
  2. Assess the business against the following two business theories, identifying where the elements of each theory fit or do not fit the organisation, and commenting on their relationship with the organisation’s current success:
  • Drucker’s Theory of the Business (1994}
  • Nohria et a l’s 4 + 2 Theory (2003}
  1. Identify up to two critical management issues the organisation is facing, and apply relevant elements from the theories you have chosen to diagnose and propose where attention could be focused to (further} improve organisational

In this assignment, you need to provide a reference list and at least 15 in-text references.


A: 80-100%

Purpose Understands and addresses the key questions

Structure Argument, introduction, conclusion and paragraphs


Integrates evidence from the literature with organisational examples.


references provided and cited.

Expression Grammar Sentence Vocabulary Spelling

The paper comprehensively explains two management theories and effectively assesses your organisation against these theories, providing a clear context, and highly relevant and specific examples to translate these theories into practice. A well-evidenced critique of the organisation’s strengths and development areas against the models is provided, with practical and relevant suggestions to improve organisational performance, showing a deep understanding of organisational challenges and sophisticated solutions. The essay is well-structured, with a clear introduction, conclusion, and framework. At least 15 highly relevant academic references are cited and well-integrated into the essay, with appropriate formatting using the Harvard Referencing Style. The essay is interesting, clearly expressed, has few grammatical errors and the spelling is correct.

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