Management in Action-Sample

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Professional Skills for Information and Communication Technology

Various management functions are mentioned in the case study concerning JM Mucher. Managers should not go and conduct their roles haphazardly. As good managers they should establish how five basic functions can be mastered: planning, coordinating, recruiting, motivating, and inspiring. Management’s planning role manages all the planning that helps the company to operate smoothly. Planning requires identifying a goal and defining the most productive course of action possible to achieve that goal. The leadership coordinating role governs the organization’s business structure. The organizational structure is the backbone of a company; the day-to-day functioning of the corporation appears difficult and inefficient without that kind of structure. Staffing is depicted after a manager discerns the needs of his region, by hiring, recruiting, developing, and retaining employees, he will decide to ramp up his staffing. To achieve this purpose, a manager in a large corporation also interacts with the human resources department of the business. Leading helps in accomplishing a task, where the management requires doing much more than scheduling, coordinating, and staffing her team. Often, she must guide the employees. Leading includes inspiring, engaging, directing, and encouraging. It needs the manager to mentor, support, and solve organizational problems. Controlling for the manager’s role is not done after the other components are in place. He requires regularly checking outcomes against objectives and taking any remedies and actions required to ensure that the plans of his region stay on track.

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The managerial roles stated in the case study area leadership which is the capacity to manipulate tasks performed by others. The manager must be connected to his employees to see what happens to his employees and to remind them about life outside of the business to build good relationships between managers and employees. Secondly is analytical thinking which is the ability to interpret and explain information patterns. The flexibility of action is the ability to adapt personal behavior to respond objectively instead of just being highly subjective to achieve organizational goals. Oral communication is the capacity to explicitly convey ideas in terms. The personal effect is the ability to produce a good appearance and instill respect in the employees. The sensor is when the manager sees what happens from the inside of the business and how the assets are used to ensure that the job goes smoothly. The figurehead is depicted when the manager accomplishes the interests of big business, the management team must be an illustration and a standard-bearer or emblem for the employees to follow in his shadow. A negotiator is when a boss who is liable for what happens between his business and others, thereby protecting his business.

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As mentioned in the case study, indeed the scent of the business or product made in the company is highly successful in the context of relaxation and consistency of work when Ted Fry says, as he describes why so many customers have been all over the company for so long.” I can disagree with any of the above since the tastes of sweets created by the business have a massive impact on the same employees when the worker searches for people whenever the company buys goods and admires the smell and taste since it is the one who has added to the industry and thus demonstrates him the opportunity to stay for a long period in this company.

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