MGTP102 – Management Principles

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COURSE: Bachelor of Business /Bachelor of Accounting

Unit: Management Principles
Unit Code: MGTP102
Type of Assessment: Assessment 4 – Individual Essay
Length/Duration: 2000 words
Course Learning Outcomes addressed: 1) To demonstrate knowledge of broad business principles with depth of understanding of at least one business discipline

2) To develop effective oral and written communication skills

3) To develop the skills to demonstrate a broad understanding of business principles and demonstrate depth in at least one discipline.

4) To develop the skills to allow the acquisition and synthesising of information within a complex professional setting.

5) To develop and apply skills in critical thinking, complex problem solving and decision making.

Unit Learning Outcomes addressed: 1) Explain concepts and theories of management

2) Identify key stakeholders and explain their roles in managing an organization

4) Employ analytical and problem solving skills to find solutions to managerial problems

Submission Date: Week 8
Assessment Task: An academic argumentative essay
Total Mark: 100
Weighting: 20%

Management Principles


Write a persuasive academic essay on one of three given topics related to management theory. The essay will be written in accordance with the guidelines for writing academic essays at Dwyer, J 2013, Communication for Business and the Professions, Strategies and Skills, 5th ed., Pearson Education, Australia pp. 627-630.

You are required to submit the plan of your essay in week 6 in hard copy to your tutor for evaluation and feedback:

The argumentative essay must agree or disagree with one of the statements below:

  1. a) In today’s turbulent environment only organic organisational structures are effective.


  1. b) Job design only benefits employers through increased job performance; it has no benefits for workers


  1. c) Given the pace of change strategic planning is a waste of time.

Assignment Help For Information

Your essay must include:

 At least five reference sources including the text book, none of which are internet sources, e.g. websites.

 Correct argumentative essay structure. Refer to the Academic Learning Skills handout on Essay Writing and Dwyer, J 2013Communication for Business and the Professions, Strategies and Skills, 5th ed., Pearson Education, Australia pp. 627-630.

 Harvard referencing for any sources you use. Refer to the Academic Learning Skills handout on Referencing.


This assignment should be submitted online in Moodle.

The assignment MUST be submitted electronically in Microsoft Word format. Other formats may not be readable by markers. Please be aware that any assessments submitted in other formats will be considered LATE and will lose marks until it is presented in Word.

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