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Managing Human Capital Entrepreneurship


This assignment assesses the following learning outcomes:

  1. demonstrate an understanding of and explain key concepts taken from the syllabus.
  2. work effectively on an individual basis towards the achievement of objectives.
  3. effectively communicate concepts, theories and evidence relevant to the outline syllabus in writing.
  4. critically evaluate concepts and evidence relating to the outline module syllabus.

Coursework Requirement:

An individual written assignment for one of the two following questions:

Question 1

“In recent years, companies have increasingly adopted flexible work arrangements to help company managers address negative work-family/ family-work spillover.”

In view of the above statement critically evaluate the relationship between work and non- work, using relevant evidence to support your answer.

Question 2

“Gender equality is one of the main political goals in Europe…. Nevertheless, European labour markets are still significantly stratified by gender. We observe horizontal gender segregation i.e. that women and men work in different jobs …We also find vertical gender inequalities i.e. that women are disadvantaged compared to men in terms of income and access to supervisory positions”.

Critically evaluate the above statement considering the current roles of men and women at work and likely future work roles of men and women in the UK. Use appropriate evidence and examples to support your answer.

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