Managing People – Assessment Criteria Reflective Journal

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Assessment Criteria Reflective Journal with Goal-Setting Worksheet:

The journal and goal-setting worksheet is weighted at 40% of the course. The format is totally up to you. Some general guidelines are that it should be approximately 2500 words. Feel free to use pictures, mind maps, freehand or any other tool you like that helps you communicate your message.

BUACC5937: Information Systems

Criteria Possible Marks
·         Evidence weekly activities have been considered.

o   Student provides insightful reflections based on Morning pages and other course tool and activities.

·         Reflection of personal leadership strengths and weaknesses in relation to the leadership practices from the leadership challenge.

o   Vision developed and values articulated.

o   All practices reviewed

·         Identification of multiple goals and specific strategies to improve leadership competence.

o   Goal should pass the ‘SMART-Test*’

o   Goals should be linked to leadership challenge and personal reflections

·         Explanation of theoretical and practical justifications of goals to leadership outcomes

o   Application of appropriate references to support goal strategies

·         Creativity of presentation

o   The presentation of assignment could be described as creative and interesting























Managing People - Assessment Criteria Reflective Journal


S – Specific

M – Measurable

A – Action-Orientated

R – Realistic

T – Time-framed

CMU201 – Business Communications

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